Let’s Unplug!

I follow Emily over at Peck Life and she had a great idea to pick a day each month this summer and unplug. No phone (text, calls, etc!), no social media, no iPad (EK, mine is still so new and shiny!), no TV….nothing. I was all on board for this…I can openly admit that I have major iLove. I love keeping up with the world at my finger tips. But what about MY world? What am I missing when I’m busy following everyone else? I set to find out.

I picked Saturday, June 23rd as my day to unplug. I had a long run and a bachlorette party out-of-town. I thought it was a great day to be connected…to life, not devices. I started out with my 6-mile run. I have to admit, this was probably the best part of my day (as far as being unplugged. You can’t really compare a run to a bachelorette party! :)) No GPS watch telling me my pace and how far I’ve gone (or still have to go!), no iPod. Just me, the open trail, friendly passersby, birds chirping and the sound of my feet on the pavement. It was liberating. I will be doing more runs like this, that is for sure!

After my run, I enjoyed blasting music to get ready for my day with the girls. I have to say, without pit stops to check Facebook, Twitter, the Weather Channel, etc., I got ready really fast! Imagine that. I didn’t busy myself with ‘check-in’ texts with the other girls or anything. I knew when and where I needed to be and I went with it.

The rest of the day was simply put, fantastic. Instead of picking up my phone to check it, I picked up my camera and captured a great day with some fabulous ladies.

I am already looking forward to picking a day in July. Shoot, maybe I’ll even pick some days not for blogging purposes! If you think you may be an over-stimulated person, consider a day to unplug. It’s refreshing. And guess what, you really don’t miss anything at all! 😉

With a weekend and the best holiday of the year coming up, remember to be present in your present. Trust me, it’s way cooler than those status updates!


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