Summer Highlight #2 – Michigan Roadtrip

My hubby and I headed up to the great state of Michigan back in June for my cousin’s wedding. She’s my Godmother and I had the honor to read a prayer during their ceremony. We got to enjoy the great area where they live, outside of the Detroit area. Thanks for including us in your special weekend Lorri!

Aaron and I with Mark and Lorri, aka, Bride and Groom. We enjoyed pizza with a view at Mark’s boat house (he’s a rowing coach!).

Wedding day, outside the church with my own handsome groom!

My summer LBD. A surprise to see some sparkle, I’m sure! 😉

I’ll go ahead and call these my sexy shoes!!!

Back at Mark and Lorri’s house for an evening of food, drinks, boat rides and fun! Their house was gorgeous with so much character.

With the Bride!

Capped off the night with a boat ride!

My hubs and I finished off our trip visiting my girlfriend, hubby, and her precious baby girl for the day, also in the Detroit area. Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t grab a single photo with them. Another epic fail. I know she got some though, so I’ll have to steal a couple and update this post. Stay tuned! Meggs…help!!

PS-this was also the trip that finally motivated us to take the iPad plunge. As expected, we freakin’ love it. Watching movies is the way to travel people!


Summer Highlight #1 – Hostesses with the Mostess

Okay, I’ve slipped on posting, trust me I know! I’ve just been so busy enjoying summer! 🙂 I’m vowing to catch up a little this week. So here I go. A summer highlight every day this week from things I’ve passed over since Memorial Day. (I managed to get some in like here, here, here and here!)

I had the incredible honor to be asked by my niece, Maddie, to be her host while she competed in the Junior Miss Iowa competition back in June. It was a big day for her and it was so exciting being with her back stage all weekend. No, this wasn’t an episode of toddlers and tiaras…these girls are gaining incredible skills and at an admirable age. But if you ask Miss Maddie, she’d tell you she just loves the chance to get to know other girls and to do her tap routine one more time! 😉

In the hotel lobby after she nailed her interview!

Giving lipstick a try this summer, I kind of dig it! 🙂

All ready backstage before the opening number!

Backstage, competition is complete! Way to go Maddie!!!

Closing out the weekend watching the Miss Iowa competition. My other niece Claire was a Princess for one of the older girls! 

What a great weekend. Maddie had to pass along her crown this past weekend to the new Junior Miss Clinton County, but she said she’ll be back in the competition ring soon! 🙂

Olympics Fashion

Did you enjoy the opening ceremonies last night? I caught bits and pieces and thought it was great. I mean, the world coming together to reach dreams, what’s not to love!? I’d also like to add that advertisers do a great job with commercials. Superbowl, what!?

I caught up with some of the countries I missed with their fashion choices. Click here for a good slide show of some highlights. I thought Great Britain was fun, but you know me, I’m a sucker for sparkle! I thought USA was boring, there I said it. First off a beret makes me think of a French painter. Second, the skirt for the ladies just looked heavy. Lastly, the overall look just seemed a little stiff. But, Ralph Lauren has always been a little too preppy for my personal style, so I’m sure I was missing the novelty of it all. I thought Brazil was looking good. Nice legs ladies!! I’d also like to give a shout out to the independents…they were clearly having the most fun last night!


Good luck athletes and Go USA!!!

Perfect Day!

Insert perfect day: coffee shop, a little shopping, lunch at the Taco House, a boat ride, and some dock time.

Add in a husband and best friend and you pretty much nail it.

Oh yeah, we also gave the Lime-a-Rita a try!! Nice and yummy, but could only rock about one a day, quite sweet! 😉

Round 2 tomorrow?! Check! Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

Flower Petal Pretty

Just a simple office look here today, but I always love wearing these cute little flower petal heels from Poetic License. 🙂

Shirt: Gap, Pants: New York & Co, Shoes: Poetic License via Nordstrom’s, Necklace: Claire’s, Bracelet: Forever 21

Pretty, as well, a flower!

I’m also trying my hand at self-braiding. It’s not always pretty, but practice makes perfect!

I always love when I can incorporate yellow in to an outfit; it’s such a happy color!

My Best Friend’s Wedding

You know those really awesome love stories where two best friends end up falling in love and living happily ever after? I’m very happy say, I do. Pun intended! 😉

I was able to enjoy my friend Adam and Courtney’s wedding over the weekend and it was every bit as fabulous as I had imagined it to be!! It all started with a beautiful rehearsal dinner and post-backyard party.

I’m a bit biased, but I had the best looking date there:

Work it ladies (I LOVE summer dresses!): 

Rockin’ the one shoulder with the lovely Lindsay:

Dress: Ugly Peanut boutique, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Jewels: Cookie Lee

And here is when I, very sadly, admit that I didn’t snap a single picture of the wedding. HELLO!!! What was I thinking!??!?! Epic blogger fail. I’ll update if I find any around on social media for those that were better in capturing the day! I guess I was just too busy having an awesome time. It happens!