10 Year High School Reunion

Really, TEN years!? Wasn’t I just coming home from track practice jammin’ to No Diggity? Wasn’t I just begging my Dad to let me go to Shag’s in Cedar Falls for teen night? Wasn’t I just working at the swimming pool? Man, time sure does fly. Nothing like a weekend of remembering to remind you! 😉

Here’s a little run-down of a great weekend at home:

  • Dinner out with my parents at the hot new place in Alden
  • An 11-mile run where I covered the whole town (all my old schools, all the parks, all the fun hills…!)
  • Our official reunion Saturday afternoon
  • Dinner out with friends
  • CRUSIN’ the loop (MEMORIES here, wowza!)
  • Two stops to the beer garden
  • Lounging at the pool with Mom
  • Checking out the new boutique in town
Beer Garden, Night 1
Boys will be Boys…

Bags Tournament

Crusin’ the loop

Playing pool

Ahh, relaxing!

Phew, what a great weekend. Cheers to a short [work] week and celebrating July 4th. The best holiday of the year!!


2 thoughts on “10 Year High School Reunion

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