Life at the Lake

I was so blessed to have two full days of hot summer fun at Lake Okoboji over the 4th of July. Pictures tell the best stories, don’t they? So here we go…

Drinks at The Barefoot Bar (a must!):

A bike ride to beat the heat, but still get in some cardio (okay, and a pit-stop at Sportman’s!):

An afternoon boat ride with Grandma Grinde:

An ice cream stop:

*The building in the background is where my hubby and I celebrated our wedding!

A fresh fish fry! Good catchin’ babe!

Boat Parade on Spirit Lake:

Well, hey there Santa! Now I know where you hang in the off season:



Phew, it was a busy couple days but they were wonderful. I also took my first spin in the kayaks, enjoyed some dock/nap time, reading, and catching Damon Dotson, my favorite local artist with another great set of fireworks! 🙂 I think we pretty much covered it! I hope you had a safe and fun 4th of July.


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