Olympics Fashion

Did you enjoy the opening ceremonies last night? I caught bits and pieces and thought it was great. I mean, the world coming together to reach dreams, what’s not to love!? I’d also like to add that advertisers do a great job with commercials. Superbowl, what!?

I caught up with some of the countries I missed with their fashion choices. Click here for a good slide show of some highlights. I thought Great Britain was fun, but you know me, I’m a sucker for sparkle! I thought USA was boring, there I said it. First off a beret makes me think of a French painter. Second, the skirt for the ladies just looked heavy. Lastly, the overall look just seemed a little stiff. But, Ralph Lauren has always been a little too preppy for my personal style, so I’m sure I was missing the novelty of it all. I thought Brazil was looking good. Nice legs ladies!! I’d also like to give a shout out to the independents…they were clearly having the most fun last night!


Good luck athletes and Go USA!!!


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