Two Thumbs-Up Wedding

I was honored to not only be invited, but to be apart of a wedding over the weekend for my dear friend Tori and her new hubby Jason in Milwaukee, WI. Talk about getting it right folks! Every detail was nailed down, they chose a great city and a beautiful venue, the food was delicious, but most importantly, the two of them were glowing every second of the weekend.  Here are some photo highlights!

The girls enjoying lunch on Friday.

Getting nails done, of course!

The hubs and I enjoyed the break of activities and wandered Milwaukee. Wouldn’t you know, we found a ski show! These men are flying 210+ in the air. So cool!

We followed that up with a beverage stop on the River Walk.

Shirt: Von Maur, Shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: Ralph Lauren, Bag: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx, Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Hair: I call this my “I don’t have motivation to care because of all the running and heat this summer so I wear a ponytail almost every day” look!! 😉

I turned the camera around on my hubs. His style is his own! 😉

Rehearsal time! Look at these looovely ladies! Check out the custom jersey T’s bridemaids got her!! Nice!

The most beautiful bride I ever did see!! Moments before walking down to see Jason for the first time. Calming her was my favorite Personal Attendant duty. 🙂

Party time! It’s all in the details…they had a movie theme and it was SO MUCH fun! They re-created every movie poster of their favorite blockbusters. 

I’ve decided that the first dance is officially my favorite part of a wedding. I always wonder what the bride and groom are talking about. 

This was towards the end of the celebration, we looked pretty good after breaking it out on the dance floor all night!!

Another big congrats to such a wonderful friend. I can’t wait to continue being apart of your lovely, new, married life!


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