What is RAGBRAI you ask? Well if you are from Iowa, you know. If you aren’t, here is the gist of it – you dip your back bike tire in the Missouri River, ride across the state of Iowa and dip your front tire in the Mississippi River over a weeks time. Throw in some camping, small town fun vendors and food, beer tents, and bike shorts and you have yourself a real good time!

Snapshot of a stop through town. Found here.

I wasn’t able to ride any of the days this year, but one of the over night stops was just up the road in Cedar Rapids so my hubby and I enjoyed welcoming the riders and watching the Counting Crows concert. (I have to admit, I was really disappointed by their show. I have followed them for years and was just really bummed at their live performance!)

No surprise here, it was another hot night, so it was the perfect opportunity to sport a fun summer dress!

Dress: Ugly Peanut Boutique, Shoes: Payless, Purse: Big Buddah, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bracelet and Earrings: Cookie Lee

And in case you are really wondering what RAGBRAI is, here you go:
Registered Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.

Have a good weekend everyone…enjoy a bike ride! 🙂


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