Trip Down Memory Lane

So it turns out purging can be fun! Especially when you come across some gems from your past. I must admit, I am that person that saves cards and notes. It’s the only pack-rat quality I have, so I figure it’s okay. Right!?

So here is what I discovered.

#1: My husband and in-laws like to give me cards with cats* on them. But here is the thing; I hate cats. I am allergic to cats. They make me sneeze. My husband loves them. He would own and love 100 of them if I wasn’t allergic. I am therefore quite thankful that I am allergic. He says if I die first he won’t remarry, he’ll just buy a cat and name her Ashly. It might the sweetest thing he’s ever said to me. So therefore, he (and my in-laws) express their cat love to me through cards. Gee, thanks.

Cat Card Collection:

*You’ll note one of those is actually a squirrel. Apparently all the cat cards were sold out.

#2. I wrote a lot of notes in middle and high school. Like a lot.
That’s a shoe box stuffed full of them. They are all unique in their own way and I cut myself off after reading only about 10 of them. I mean, no need to get sidetracked for hours! But for your comedic entertainment, I picked one to share with you. This one** hails from 1997 where I was the tender ol’ age of 14.

**Names have been changed to leave this (somewhat) anonymous. Although if you know me, or the author well, you may just figure it out. This has been shared with her permission. I called her immediately, barely able to speak as I was giddy with laughter.

OMG, please tell me you are crying tears of laughter right now. I thought about commentating my way through the letter, but honestly, it needs nothing of the sorts. It’s fantastic just the way it is. I love looking back to my 14-year-old self. Simply classic! It makes me a little sad knowing that middle school kids these days will never spend their family road trips writing notes to their friends to hand off when they see them next. They have phones (and DSs and TVs and iPads, and iPods, etc.) now. Good luck saving those messages for 15 years kids!! 😉 Meanwhile, I am treasuring my trip down memory lane.

No diggity, no doubt.


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