Goodbye Summer

So another summer has come and gone, it’s always hard to believe. Yet it’s not a bad as could be since we transition into the second best time of year…college football!!

I traveled to Chicago this weekend to watch the Iowa Hawkeye opener. It wasn’t pretty, but we pulled out a W! Oh, and this happened…

Ooooh, college kids. They never disappoint!! 🙂
Throw in some Michigan Avenue shopping, a walk down Navy Pier and some killer pancakes, and you have yourself a great weekend with great friends.
I wrapped up the long weekend with a very special 9-year-olds birthday party (my stellar niece Kayla) and a nice long run with the hubs and our cheerleader (my friend Kinz!). Phew!

So, goodbye summer. It’s been busy, its been real, it been HOT and I thank you for all the good times. See you in nine months!


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