Oooh, New Pants!

I, like many women, have a hard time finding really great pants. Or are the slacks? Or trousers? In case you were curious, there isn’t a difference between the three, simply a bit of regional and personal preference. Phew, glad we covered that.
Moving on, I loath pant shopping and sometimes find myself settling for a pair because they were on sale. Never a smart idea. So, when I get lucky and find a great pair…marked down outlet mall style…you find one happy gal outta me!!!


Shirt: Ann Taylor, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: Danita, Necklace and Bracelets: Kohls

Thanks BR, for making a great pair of pants and making a customer so happy. Oh yeah, I bought them in black too! I love this blue color though, a bit lighter than navy, but clearly not royal.


I love this statement necklace!



These shoes are always so fun. I love the little heel/wedge combo!


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