But it was on SALE!

I have a slight confession, I am a sucker for a sale. Not only am I a sucker for them, I am really good at finding them. It’s a cruel world, isn’t it? I say that because in the fashion world, when something is on sale, it means its out of season. Which means that when you are buying something super cheap, its most likely not the right weather to wear said item. But in the world of layering, is there ever not a season for a shear top, tank top, or blazer? I think not.

Ergo, my newest purchases to brag about.


Blazer and top: Von Maur, Tank top: Forever 21, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: Donita V (store no longer open), Bracelet Bling and Earrings: Cookie Lee


Total cost of the top-combo: Blazer-$18, Top-$8, Tank-$4 = $30. Boom!


Stripes and print…I dare you to try it! So fun!


Now to show off the totally unnecessary, oh-but-it-was-only-$8 top!



Cute right!? Come summer, this will be a fun to rock with shorts. It will be new all over again.


Side note: I’m finding myself really loving this whole ‘long in the back’ trend on shirts. For someone who’s been self-conscious¬†about their “junk in the trunk” since about 6th grade, it helps with the complex. I mean, honestly, Sir Mix A Lot would come on a school dances and people called it my song. That wasn’t the coolest thing in 6th grade peeps. So with that I say, thank you fashion gods.


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