Marathon Week!


Well, here it is. The week of running my first marathon. Something I’ve been training for since June. Well, I started training for training in about March. I.AM.READY.

I’m ready for the excitement
I’m ready for the start-line with 45,000 people
I’m ready for the fans
I’m ready for the finish-line
I’m ready to accomplish this with my husband, sisters and good friends
I’m ready to sleep in on a Sunday again
I’m ready to not live my life around training
I’m ready for the race high I’m bound to have
I’m ready for the beer party at the end
I’m ready to get my pretty toes back, blisters, Ugh
I’m ready to have something else to talk about (thanks for listening friends and family!)
I’m (not) ready to say good-bye to eating anything and everything I want and still loosing weight 😉
I’m ready to keep this shape I’ve worked so hard to accomplish
I’m ready to get back in the pool and squeeze in a couple more bike rides
I’m ready to see all our cheerleaders on the course

I’m ready to run my first marathon!!


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