Fuzzy Fashion

So here’s the thing. I’ve vowed to stick to quality photos, which (for me) means not against my boring blue wall. But it’s dark when I get home…or it’s getting to that point. Ugh, such the life of a blogger!
So I attempted some morning photos and…fail. Darnit, they are blurry!! It must be too cold for my camera! đŸ˜‰
So in efforts to take you along my journey, I’m sharing what my attempts looked like this week in hopes to continue working on getting good photos this winter! If you have tips, don’t be shy!


‘Flannel day’ at work. I rocked some plaid, that’s close, right?!

Not so bad with this one!

But then this…

So to the blue wall I go, until I get something better figured out! Thanks for sticking with me!


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