Oxblood, I Prefer Bordeaux!

Another hot new color this Fall (another one mentioned here) is known as a few different things; burgundy (that’s soooo a 90s color!), oxblood (umm, gross, insert visions of dying ox in Oregon Trail…also from the 90s), or bordeaux (soooo 2012). Clearly the latter is the best option and paints a much better picture when you tell someone you are sporting your new bordeaux pants (My new oxblood pants…I mean really!).

So here I am, sporting my new bordeaux pants that I nabbed on sale from Target!

Sweater: Express, Shirt: Gordman’s, Pants: Target, Necklace: Cookie Lee, Shoes: Franco Sarto via DSW


I love the detail that peeks out on this shoe.

Not so much a fan of the fake laces, but everything else about the shoe was too good to pass up!

What Fall colors are you loving this season?!


2 thoughts on “Oxblood, I Prefer Bordeaux!

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