Top 12 Moments of 2012

You know it’s been an incredible year when you have more than 12 things to highlight! But I’ve done my best and lumped some things together to come up with my cumulative list of my favorite parts of 2012 (in no particular order)!

Participating in the Pigman and Okoboji Triathlons. I honestly love these races, I can’t wait to do some more this coming year!


Chicago marathon. I’ve talked about this enough…but it’s worth mentioning as a highlight for sure. Training from April through October and still suffering the lost toenail to date. It was a huge part of my year!


Family Rocks! I had so many awesome family gatherings this year, I’m very blessed to be surrounded by such a kind, thoughtful, caring and FUN people!


My dad and his aunt playing badminton!


My cousin’s wedding in Michigan.


My lovely in-laws!


Family photo for my parents!

Starting a new job. It started off as a challenging year professionally but since May I have found an 8-5 home with a great company with a job I truly enjoy!

Diving in to owning a boat. A ‘before we turn 30’ dreamed turned to reality late this summer, I can’t wait for 2013 and a full summer of fun with this toy!!

IMG_3517 20120916-202758.jpg

Here comes the bride. The hubs and I attended, and participated in, a few weddings this year for some dear friends and as always had a fabulous time. I have to say though, my most favorite moment was sitting with my lovely friend before she walked down the isle to her groom, who was seeing her for the first time. That tradition is often lost these days and it was so special seeing, and being a small part of, it.


Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville, twice. Oh Jimmy Buffett, you sing to my soul. He visited the great state of Iowa this Spring, so of course we had to go! Then we hit him up again in the great Alpine Valley. Our theory is to keep on going as long as he does!!


Hostess with the Mostest. I love hosting friends and family, nothing beats filling your house with love and laughter! We did a lot of that this year, mostly due to the wonderful cooking of my stellar husband.




Iowa vs. Nebraska Thanksgiving with sisters and spouses! 

Class of 2002. Wow, attending my 10 year class reunion! It.was.excellent.


Crusin’ the loop back home!

Anything on a stick. I hit up the annual Iowa State Fair this summer with some friends and we caught Boyz II Men on the ‘free’ stage. Honestly, it was an outstanding concert. And the food was good too!

photo (9)

Major Girl Crush. Idina Menzel. I have nothing more to add. Okay, maybe just that I love her tremendously!


Volunteering. It was a goal of mine in 2012 and I have to say it went pretty well. My husband and I spent a week in January chaperoning a Winter Weekend Getaway for the Children’s Cancer Connection. I was the chairperson for a charity bike ride for Gems of Hope in May. And the hubs and I served the free meal at Thanksgiving organized by community members. Also, since April I’ve been in the committee in town working on planning our Centennial celebration.

IMG_1830 20121108-210751.jpg

The years honestly move so fast, but it’s been fun to take a moment to reflect back to remember the good times, the lessons learned and the laughs that were had.

Cheers to a fabulous 2013!!


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