Colorado Adventure

I took a long weekend trip to Colorado with some friends to visit our other friends in Colorado. They had a new house to show off, and we all needed some time away…perfect!

In true Colorado fashion, we had to take some time to play in the mountains. It was the most wonderful day. A little cardio, a little picnic, a beautiful scenic background and some laughs along the way.


Rocky Mountain National Park

IMG_1143Group Shot!

IMG_1122That’s no photoshop background friends!

IMG_1126Snow-bunny in training!

IMG_1125It’s all about the snowshoes people!


Tapping the Rockies in the Rockies, of course!


A little afternoon picnic.


It’s my Birthday and I’ll slide down a mountain if I want to, okay?!


I’m swimming, I’m swimming!


Stopping to enjoy the scenery, this one’s for my Dad! (Those are elk, in case you were wondering!)

IMG_1146One of these is not like the other. Well played Matthew, well played.

We had such a good time. If you live in, or plan to visit, Colorado make sure to add this to your agenda. The plan for next time is to visit during another season, so we can discover some new hiking trails!


Birthday Girl!

Do I look any older and wiser?! It’s the big 2-9 for me today. I don’t feel a day over 23…I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, I’ll get back to you on that later! πŸ˜‰
I had the most amazing birthday-weekend trip (Colorado) to kick off the celebration, but those are worthy of their own posts, so more to come there! Then I was welcomed home by the most amazing news, my best friend in the whole-wide world had her baby boy (on Monday) who I met last night. And that brings to me today, wuftha! I woke up to a present from my hubs, had a day filled with some Facebook love, enjoyed lunch with my great co-workers, got a floral delivery, and spent the night hanging with my Book Club crew. I am one.lucky.girl!!!
My photos are lacking in quality, but I still wanted to show off my fun dress I sported to kick off my final year of the decade!

I started things off with my fun fancy coat!

Then boom, my bright geo-print dress!

Coat: Jessica Simpson, Tights (fleece lined!), Shoes: Steve Madden

Dress: Francesca’s, Jacket: Ann Taylor, Earrings: Cookie Lee

Ps-fashion tip/secret..I actually have a cardigan under my blazer for extra warmth, it’s crazy cold here. It didn’t add bulk to my look but made a world of difference with keeping cozy!

Oh Hey There!

Well hello friends of the interwebs! It’s been awhile, I know this…but last week I pulled some long workdays and frankly, I just wasn’t in the mood to log on at home.

So here are some highlights the last couple weeks!

My hubs and I chaperoned a weekend get-a-way with a local non-profit; Children’s Cancer Connection. We swam, skied, ate crappy junk food an rocked an epic round of dodgeball!

Nice moves babe!

Last week, my nephew had his Winter Program. So stinkin' cute!!
It was a night of awesome little kiddos and a great dinner with the in-laws!

Next up, my nephew showed me the ropes at Build-A-Bear. Man, they think of EVERYTHING! It’s like the teddy-bear version of American Girl dolls!

Isn’t he a cutie?! The one on the right is his new one, I helped name him, Coalie!:)

Last little highlight to share was an awesome little Girls Night. Honestly people, these nights are good for the soul. We watched Save the Last Dance and Center Stage, chatted, ate munchies and just relaxed. We also realized that those movies were a little cooler back-in-the-day!! πŸ˜‰

Up next is a long weekend on Colorado with friends visiting more friends. It’s going to be slammin’ [insert Saved the Last Dance reference]!

Scarf and Vest Combo

Sometimes there are combos that just never get old. For me, it’s a vest paired with a scarf. Especially a fun new scarf! πŸ™‚

Turtleneck: Gordman’s, Vest: Gap, Jeans: Old Navy, Scarf: Gordman’s, Shoes: Payless

Even fun without the vest!
20121225-192355.jpgWhat are your favorite Winter items? (Please, please, don’t say Uggs!)

Welcome 2013!

I had the most lovely time ringing in the New Year! I topped my last night of holiday vacation by going to Les Miserables with friends. It was a lovely film and I highly, highly recommend it!


Annual New Years Eve Party. Theme: Black Out!

I set the bar pretty high last year when it came to goals and resolutions so I plan to continue down that path and figure I laid a good foundation this year to do so. But in efforts to work on something new, I mark 2013 the year that I work harder on being on time. It might seem minute, but for those who know me, know it’ll be a challenge! My baby step in helping turn this bad habit around is to lay off the snooze. UGH!

What is your resolution(s) this year?

All the best to you and yours in 2013. Cheers to making it the best one yet!