Oh Hey There!

Well hello friends of the interwebs! It’s been awhile, I know this…but last week I pulled some long workdays and frankly, I just wasn’t in the mood to log on at home.

So here are some highlights the last couple weeks!

My hubs and I chaperoned a weekend get-a-way with a local non-profit; Children’s Cancer Connection. We swam, skied, ate crappy junk food an rocked an epic round of dodgeball!

Nice moves babe!

Last week, my nephew had his Winter Program. So stinkin' cute!!
It was a night of awesome little kiddos and a great dinner with the in-laws!

Next up, my nephew showed me the ropes at Build-A-Bear. Man, they think of EVERYTHING! It’s like the teddy-bear version of American Girl dolls!

Isn’t he a cutie?! The one on the right is his new one, I helped name him, Coalie!:)

Last little highlight to share was an awesome little Girls Night. Honestly people, these nights are good for the soul. We watched Save the Last Dance and Center Stage, chatted, ate munchies and just relaxed. We also realized that those movies were a little cooler back-in-the-day!! 😉

Up next is a long weekend on Colorado with friends visiting more friends. It’s going to be slammin’ [insert Saved the Last Dance reference]!


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