Colorado Adventure

I took a long weekend trip to Colorado with some friends to visit our other friends in Colorado. They had a new house to show off, and we all needed some time away…perfect!

In true Colorado fashion, we had to take some time to play in the mountains. It was the most wonderful day. A little cardio, a little picnic, a beautiful scenic background and some laughs along the way.


Rocky Mountain National Park

IMG_1143Group Shot!

IMG_1122That’s no photoshop background friends!

IMG_1126Snow-bunny in training!

IMG_1125It’s all about the snowshoes people!


Tapping the Rockies in the Rockies, of course!


A little afternoon picnic.


It’s my Birthday and I’ll slide down a mountain if I want to, okay?!


I’m swimming, I’m swimming!


Stopping to enjoy the scenery, this one’s for my Dad! (Those are elk, in case you were wondering!)

IMG_1146One of these is not like the other. Well played Matthew, well played.

We had such a good time. If you live in, or plan to visit, Colorado make sure to add this to your agenda. The plan for next time is to visit during another season, so we can discover some new hiking trails!


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