Current Obsessions!

So turns out time flies when you are having fun, who knew!? So what’s up around these parts you ask? Well, here are some things that are sucking up my time. Time away from you all, admittingly, so I figure I might as well fill you in!

Project Life. Think scrapbooking for dummies. In the best.way.possible. Check out their site for more information. I’m starting off 2013 with the goal of adding to this once a month. Big things, little things, and everything in between. Once I get the groove, I’ll consider working back in time. Oye, that’s a big feat to think about! Tips to myself? Don’t over-think it, and keep it doable (ie-lots of small goals/milestones).

Not being able to say “NO” to a sale. I know, I know…shocking. But honestly people, check out this small little stash…


All for less than $80!!!


Blazer ($20), Shirt ($14), Sweater ($14): JCP, Boots ($31): J.Lo at Khols.

And then I leave the mall. Because ‘really good deals’, still add up. Obvious? Sure. Did I realize that in my young 20s? Not so much. Does my husband still think I haven’t learned that lesson? Truth. But hey, I left after one store. Jokes on him! 😉

Playing with curls. I know, hold the phone, this is earth shattering news. Okay, not really. But I’ve been doing the ‘beach wave’ thing for a long time, so I thought I’d go back to curling roots of a simple ‘curled under’ look. It takes a little less time, gives a different look and adds the volume I crave. Winner, Winner.


This book. Wow. So I’ve been familiar with this book for a couple of months since the story of the girl it’s based on lived in my hometown for a while. Essentially a young woman died giving birth to her baby girl from a condition called preeclampsia. Her best friend made a resolution to live as her friend did for an entire year, and she brought her sister along for the ride. I love how Bree writes, I love the stories, I love the small-town Iowa references, and I love the message. Better yet, this was a gift from my best friend from my small-town whom I pranked called with, dressed up with, went to school dances with, cruised the loop with, went to college with, lived with, and still continue to make memories with. Reading this reminds me of how awesome my youth was. Well, minus a couple of those middle school years. Having boys tell you your theme song is, “I Like Big Butts” is something that sticks with you for awhile forever. Don’t worry, I’ve embraced it. Some days. With long flowy shirts.


Yes, I use a pom-pom glued to a popsicle stick as my bookmark. Thankyouverymuch.

Candy Crush. I blame, and thank, my 7-year-old nephew for this. We hung out a couple of weeks ago and he was playing this on his iPad. So I downloaded it thinking it was bright and colorful and kind of looked fun (Wait, am I 7 too!?!). He failed to mentioned that its EXTREMELY addicting and you play it every second you have free while relaxing a home.



Downton Abbey. TOTALLY get the hype here folks. Honestly. My in-laws were talking about this a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned how I wanted to give this show a shot because I’ve heard such good things about it. Lucky for me, my SIL and BIL have all three seasons. And since my BIL watched it too, my hubs thought he’d give it a shot with me. I have to be honest the first couple episodes I was thinking, “Okay this is cool, I’ll keep giving it a shot.” Then episode 3+. Like OMG what’s-going-to-happen-cliff-hanger-at-the-end-of-every-episode gooooooood!



Other highlights that aren’t picture or story worthy that suck up my time; school. More specifically, statistics. Gross. Nothing further there.

Happy Hump Day all!


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