Do I Dare Say…It’s Spring??!

Geesh, I hate to jinx anything, but…

I left work without my coat on.

I saw this on my drive home today:

(that’s couple fishing boat folks!)

I didn’t wear a single piece of black today!

Blazer: Ann Taylor, Shirt: Gap, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Necklace: Von Maur


I love that the trend of statement necklaces is still here. Love this edgy-style with soft colors!

Shoe details…always a fan!

And lastly, with all the above happening, I decided it was the perfect day to bust out my new running shoes (purchased in January!). Introducing the Brooks Ghost 5. The maiden 5k was a success!! Thanks We Run!



I hope you had a chance to enjoy the day too!


Destination Spring Break 2013

Oh Spring Break, you’d seem so much more real if it was nice out…everywhere in the US! Regardless it came time to pack for my five day trip to Charleston for a dear friend’s wedding.

So here is how I planned things out:
First off, options for the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

Second, a variety of outfits top to bottom, jewelry and shoes included.

Third, a few extra shirt options to go with a couple extra jeans thrown in.

Finally, a couple scarves and a blazer to tie me over when it gets chilly.


Lastly, throw in some running gear, jammies, undergarments (yes I’ve forgotten that part before!!), toiletries…and then like 10 more articles of clothing and you’re set!!

What’s your packing system; a list person? a by-day person? a throw-it-all-in person? I love hearing tips!

Go Green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all! Last year I spent this weekend with my hubs and friends in Des Moines wearing a tank-top and hanging at out-door beer gardens. My what damper weather responsibility can have on fun! This year you ask?! We are working on our respective grad school programs and keeping warm. I do plan on being festive by making this tonight though:


I’d also like to share how my day went when my office celebrated St. Patty’s Day. Short Story: Epic Fail. We got a free casual day (ie-jeans) and of course were supposed to wear green. I showed wearing this:

After a quick walk to the break room I realized I was literally like 1of 2 people that forgot…so what did I do (with a little encouragement from my co-workers)?! I went to Target down the street and bought a new shirt.

Tada!! Yes, I know I’m ridiculous. Yes, it was totally worth it. Plus, it was a cute shirt and on sale!

Have a great week everyone! Mine is part work…and part, hellllo, vacation! More details to come on that soon!

Iowa Fashion Week




Incase you haven’t seen or read this yet, please do, it’s comical: Iowa Fashion Week Article .

I’d say they pretty much covered all of the cliques of Iowa, wouldn’t you!?

Considering it’s The Onion (a news satire for fake news, in case you aren’t familiar!), I don’t take any personal offense. Plus, I’ve been to county fairs, shopping malls and local Applebee’s here in the great Heartland, and sadly, many of these comments are spot on.

I’m here to break the mold though! 😉 

Shoes of the 90s

Just a fun little list to enjoy on your Friday afternoon. You aren’t really working anyways, are you!? Don’t lie to yourself! Enjoy a laugh my friends: The 22 Ugliest Examples Of ’90s Footwear To Ever Meet Your Eyes.

I owned #1, 5, 7, 15 and 16. No wonder I was so awkward in Middle School…I was actually WEARING these shoes!! Those leopard hotties even made an appearance in my Senior Pictures. I’d also put in a strong argument that anything and everything Doc Marten should be included on this list. Specifically these:


Don’t even pretend you didn’t own a pair of these! Own up…the 90s were awesome!

On that note, I’m going to hit up some shoe departments this afternoon to distress for a crazy day. I wonder what I could buy that I’ll end up making fun of in 15-20 years!? Off I go to research that very question….

Cheers to the sun shinning and the weekend all!

Old School Office Look

It’s March, it’s snowing what seems like everyday, and I’m sick of sweaters. Can I get an Amen!?

Here’s a classic day-at-the-office look as I do my best to stay warm as we work towards the days of shorts…and heels without socks!
Shirt, Cardigan and Pants: Express. Shoes: Lauren Ashley via Younkers, Necklace: Brighton charms


Fashion fact: Match your socks (stockings in this case) to your pants, not your shoes!

I dig the detail on this shirt. And it was on the sale rack!

Ps-Am I the only person that still uses the word stockings, and not in relation to Christmas!?

Fashion Fail

Ever buy something thinking you can totally rock it? Or buy something thinking it will push you a little out if your comfort zone? Or buy something because you are simply in a good mood? Yeah…I was all of those things when I bought this.

Note to self, brown suede is not my thing. Nonetheless, I gave it one wear so it wasn’t a total waste. It came together cute, but just wasn’t….me. That and my husband told me I looked like Pochahantas!

Shirt: Gap, Tights: Gordman’s, Dress: local boutique, Boots: Steve Madden, Jewelry: Cookie Lee

A necklace that can be a hair-pin or a broach!

Up close on the bling.

Love, love, love these boots!!

Laughing at my hubs with the aforementioned comment!

What’s been a fashion fail for you!?