Fashion Fail

Ever buy something thinking you can totally rock it? Or buy something thinking it will push you a little out if your comfort zone? Or buy something because you are simply in a good mood? Yeah…I was all of those things when I bought this.

Note to self, brown suede is not my thing. Nonetheless, I gave it one wear so it wasn’t a total waste. It came together cute, but just wasn’t….me. That and my husband told me I looked like Pochahantas!

Shirt: Gap, Tights: Gordman’s, Dress: local boutique, Boots: Steve Madden, Jewelry: Cookie Lee

A necklace that can be a hair-pin or a broach!

Up close on the bling.

Love, love, love these boots!!

Laughing at my hubs with the aforementioned comment!

What’s been a fashion fail for you!?


3 thoughts on “Fashion Fail

  1. I think we’ve all had those moments… Mine was when I was trying to be more adventurous with color and print, and ended up with a mustard dress with little hearts all over it, with slightly flowing sleeves and a peter pan collar. It was just too much for one dress.
    P.S. I love that he said you look like Pocahontas! I see it now, but never would have thought of it myself.

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