Go Green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all! Last year I spent this weekend with my hubs and friends in Des Moines wearing a tank-top and hanging at out-door beer gardens. My what damper weather responsibility can have on fun! This year you ask?! We are working on our respective grad school programs and keeping warm. I do plan on being festive by making this tonight though:


I’d also like to share how my day went when my office celebrated St. Patty’s Day. Short Story: Epic Fail. We got a free casual day (ie-jeans) and of course were supposed to wear green. I showed wearing this:

After a quick walk to the break room I realized I was literally like 1of 2 people that forgot…so what did I do (with a little encouragement from my co-workers)?! I went to Target down the street and bought a new shirt.

Tada!! Yes, I know I’m ridiculous. Yes, it was totally worth it. Plus, it was a cute shirt and on sale!

Have a great week everyone! Mine is part work…and part, hellllo, vacation! More details to come on that soon!


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