Destination Spring Break 2013

Oh Spring Break, you’d seem so much more real if it was nice out…everywhere in the US! Regardless it came time to pack for my five day trip to Charleston for a dear friend’s wedding.

So here is how I planned things out:
First off, options for the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

Second, a variety of outfits top to bottom, jewelry and shoes included.

Third, a few extra shirt options to go with a couple extra jeans thrown in.

Finally, a couple scarves and a blazer to tie me over when it gets chilly.


Lastly, throw in some running gear, jammies, undergarments (yes I’ve forgotten that part before!!), toiletries…and then like 10 more articles of clothing and you’re set!!

What’s your packing system; a list person? a by-day person? a throw-it-all-in person? I love hearing tips!


8 thoughts on “Destination Spring Break 2013

  1. Well my packing is according to what I’m doing each day, along with jewerly,shoes etc., something for morning walks, daytime outfit and nights and a few extra in case plans change.

  2. I made a packing list that I save to my computer, then print out each time I pack. This way, I’ve learned from my mistakes when I’ve forgotten things and don’t make the same mistake twice (because it was promptly added to the list)! I list everything from hairspray, travel papers, socks, to phone charger.

    Enjoy the trip!

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