All Twisted

I think the biggest key to living in a place with four seasons is…layering! I love this dress, a bargain from the Target sale rack, because it doesn’t static cling to tights. (Something that really annoys me!!)
My real highlight to share though, is the totally random hair I rocked today. It honestly just happened. I couldn’t tell if I liked it, or thought it looked ridiculous, so I just went with it! I had a couple co-workers validate for me that it was cool…so I kept it going all day (had I gotten some other responses I would have gone to my back-up ponytail!).

Dress: Target, Blazer: Ann Taylor, Tights: Gordman’s, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Necklace: Cookie Lee

Different angles. It literally started with a little twist that just found its own way! All secured with hair wrapped around the pony part secures with a bobby pin!


Any beauty tips or finds that you’ve discovered by mistake!?

PS-Hey May, where did you go?!!


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