Oh Baby!

photo with textSo there you have it folks, a baby is on the way!! I can’t promise that I won’t blog about the realities of being pregnant, and eventually a life with a baby, but I can promise to keep sharing my fashion and love of shoes!!:)
So here we go, a little timeline for those who like the details…

It was a Tuesday night…just kidding! 😉 Not THOSE details. Gross. Fast forward a bit….

St. Patrick’s Day – A successful home pregnancy test! It took a few months of trying, so it was great to score some luck of the Irish! I immediately wake up the hubs, text/call my BFF and sisters.
March 19th – Pregnancy confirmed with a lab test at my doctor’s office. Here we go!! It’s so weird to think by this point I’m 5 weeks along.
March 20th – Head to Charleston for a friends weekend. EK! A week with close friends, at a beach house, for a friend’s wedding, with free booze. Let the game of ‘fake drinking’ begin!! My hubs got called out by his BFF. Guess I didn’t fake drink too well!
April 3 – 7 weeks along, I throw up for the first time in the morning. Oye! I quickly, and luckily, learned that taking my prenatal vitamins with my breakfast (as opposed to when I wake up, about a 45 min difference of time) is key, and with that, I never got sick again. I did have to change my eating habits a bit to have lots of smaller meals, and lay off the fried food. Something I should do anyways, right!? 😉
Week 8 – My first doctor appointment, with my nurse. Talk about a LOT of information, but I was ready to get reading. We also spread the news to our parents*…so exciting!

*For both sets of parents, we told them by giving a set of “Congrats” balloons. As in “we wanted to be the first to congratulate you on being grand parents again!” This is lucky number 3 and 7 in our families! 🙂

photo 2

This baby is spoiled already by Grandma Barb. She immediately took me to Walmart for a shopping spree! 🙂

photo 1 Week 11 – My BFF, who had a baby in January, walked me around the baby section at Target. Wowza, how can three small isles have SO.MUCH.STUFF.!!
Week 12 – We get to hear, and see, baby for the first time. Simply amazing!!!! I got a little more choked up with hearing baby than I did seeing him/her. Something about that perfect little beat. We immediately Face-Timed with friends every night this week. Such fun news to share. We had a lot of ‘I thought maybe…’, etc. But for the most part everyone was 100% surprised with our news.
photo 3
Week 13 – I started getting, and feeling, the ‘beer gut’ stage. I learned that some of this was a touch of constipation (TMI, deal with it, I’m here to help other preggos!), which was a new concept for me. Regardless of that issue, turns out the little plump was here to stay. Since I hadn’t told work yet, the flowy blouse trend was my friend!
Week 14 – I tell my manager, which went up the ladder to our director and department heads. Phew, another cat out of the bag! Everyone was so happy for me, here I was all prepared to talk about leave already and they just wanted to celebrate and hear how I was feeling. Ahhh. Another amazing reminder how great of a place I work! We also took the ‘shoe’ photo above at the Lake over Memorial Day weekend and announced our news to the world via Facebook. Talk about feeling the love! 🙂
Week 15 – I swam the first leg of a triathlon that the hubs finished.
photo (38)
Week 16 – My second doctor’s appointment takes place. Talk about short and sweet, which is good considering that means everything is going well. And that heartbeat again….love it! Also, it’s the first ‘selfie’ I took to send to my Mom and Sisters:

photo 1 photo 2

Phew, that was lengthy. Sorry, I shouldn’t have let so many weeks go by!! I guess more happens than you realize!

Some other highlights/answers to the most common questions, so far:

  • I’m 17 weeks, today!
  • No, we aren’t finding out if it’ll be a boy or girl.
  • I’ve been feeling great. Hate me now, I know. Considering I have moments where I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near ready to bring a life in to the world, I take this as a sign that my body is ready, my heart is certainly ready…and everything else will fall in to place. Ahhh yes, to be naive!
  • We have nursery colors planned to be gray and yellow. Some other ideas in play here; we are having our nieces and nephews create artwork over the summer to frame and be hung up for some color wall decor. Grandma B has already made a quilt with awesome fabric we picked out together.
    photo 5
  • My official due date is November 20th.
  • I don’t know how long I’m taking for maternity leave, I have plenty of time to figure that out, which I’m thankful for!
  • Yes we’ve talked about names, and honestly already have them pretty much set. No…I’m NOT sharing!! 😉
  • I haven’t been running simply because I found it uncomfortable early on. My chest, well, perked up quite quickly and since I never really got ‘in to shape’ this Spring I found my breathing to just be really off. So I swim, a lot, and walk, a lot and bike, a little. And also just ordered a prental yoga video I am excited to tackle!
  • We are meeting/interviewing our first day-care next week.
  • Things bought so far: crib, glider, dresser, and new ceiling light.
  • I’m loving Burt’s Bee’s Belly Butter to (hopefully!) help prevent stretch marks.
  • I was proactive in gathering some maternity clothes from friends that I knew were done with having kids, as long ago as last March. My BFF used them for her pregnancy and added a few things to ‘our tote’, so I’m excited, and thankful, to have a good start there. To date, I’m still rocking my normal clothes. But I’m thinking that will soon change. Yesterday was my first day with the ‘rubber band trick’ on some work slacks!!
  • Yes, this baby will have some rockin’ style, regardless of gender!!