4th of July Fun!

Another fun, sun and laugh-filled weekend up at Lake Okoboji has come to an end. Boo-hoo! I always have such a wonderful time with my in-laws at the place I love most. Here are some weekend highlights (in no special order of the weekend!):


Dave, the new family historian, looking over old scrapbooks and datebooks with Grandma Mary Ann. Fun fact, my husband’s grandfather was born in my hometown. See, we were always meant to be, we are connected in so many ways!


The hubs and I rescued our cousin after a minor bike crash. Murse to the rescue!


“All I want to do this weekend is make a watermelon helmet.” ~my 10 year-old husband. Mission Accomplished!


Goofy headwear to celebrate our love of America!


Sweating our bums off…but nothing beats drinks and live music at the Barefoot Bar. We even caught the band that played at our wedding! 🙂


7th Annual Lake Effect on West Lake Okoboji! We were one of maybe a thousand boats jammin’ to my favorite: Damon Dotson live on the lake!


The man of my dreams….what a fun day!


So much fun just floating and sunning. And yes, that’s a one-piece. First one I’ve worn in like, hmmm, 20 years!? I wanted to keep my baby belly nice and safe. 🙂


Group Shot for Cathy Appreciate Day. Every July 5th, where we only do and say nice things for Miss Cathy.

photo 1

My very first ice cream truck purchase, can you believe that!? Doesn’t get any more American than this folks!

photo 3

Taking a cocktail (or mocktail!) break while others shop. I’d say we had the better end of that outing!


Ahhhhh, Okoboji! The only place where a Missionary Church camp and a strip club share the same parking lot! 😉

And with this, we mark the mid-point of summer. Oye! I feel fortunate to say that I’ve done a pretty good job enjoying some of my favorite things to the max; sun time, lake time, baseball games, summer blockbusters, ice cream galore, birthdays and family time. Yet to come; outdoor concerts, beer gardens (hey, they are still fun when you can’t drink!), more time with friends and family, some camping, and days with  nothing on the agenda…those are some of the best ones anyways, right!?! What’s left on your list!?


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