New Accessory – The Belly Band!

So the time has come, I can no longer button a majority of my pants. Or at least to the point of comfort. Many ladies I know that have been pregnant gave me this great advice: don’t fight the growing belly. Fair enough, right? So away goes buttoning pants, and in comes the belly band. I’ve heard many women say that you either love them, or hate them. I actually feel like I’m somewhere in the middle. Perhaps my opinion will change as my belly grows. As of now, I find it gets a bit tight after some time (dislike), but I am able to stretch the life of my regular clothes (like). Especially shorts and skirts. Those are items of clothing I don’t feel like spending money on since I know the need for them is so short lived, and I already have a jean stash to turn to come Fall (and a bigger belly!).


Skirt: Old Navy, Shirt: J.Crew, Shoes: Payless

IMG_5013 IMG_5020

Curious as to what it all looks like underneath!? Ready…wait for it….


Boom! It’s like Spanx…but for your baby belly! 🙂


I’ve always loved these cute little open-toed Mary Jane’s. Happy summer feet!



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