Baby Update: Half Way There!


(Photo on West Lake Okoboji enjoying an on-the-lake concert)

Time flies when you are cookin’ a baby! The 4th of July officially marked week 20 in baby land. I can’t believe it! And here I am…two weeks later already. So here are my updates from Week 17-22 (June 12-July 17).



Happy Father’s and Fathers’-to-Be Day! My family gathered for a grill-out and BBQ at my sisters house to celebrate all the great Dad’s in our lives. And of course, for my hubby, “father-to-be.” Being as he’s taking stellar care of me, he’s a rockin’ dadio already. Also, I couldn’t resist the onezies. πŸ™‚ A friendly reminder here, we aren’t finding out what we are having, so I had to cover my bases!


Our first boat ride of the season, yay!! Also, I deem the picture the “ahhh haaaa” moment for people. As this picture went viral I had many comments like “where did that belly come from!” πŸ™‚ My clothes were hiding it well…not so much in a bathing suit! πŸ™‚


Our 20-week ultrasound, where we got to see baby again! I’ve never been so happy to hear the word ‘normal’ in my life. But things are just that….normal, healthy and on track. And from this photo, I’d even say “Happy” as it appears that baby is smiling at us.


My hand-made shirt for July 4th. I liked it. πŸ™‚ Also, this confirms for me that I suck at ‘crafts’. It took me like 20 minutes to get that damn iron-on to stick. (The instructions said 20 seconds, for a reference point.)

Hanging at the Delaware County Fair with my family for my Mom’s birthday. This was my first of two outdoor concerts and beer gardens in one weekend. These are the nights I miss beer the most!!

Here I am with my lovely sister-in-law at a baseball game, rockin our bellies and stripes. She’s due late August, the end is near!!!
Note: dresses are my new BFF.

Comments and FAQ’s to note:
How are you feeling?
Great! I’m pretty boring, but I am oooookay with that. I’m starting to feel a bit stiff/sore in the mornings, but I guess it goes with the territory. At least I sleep good through the night still. I have days where I feel quite tired, so I just nap!
Do you miss some of the things you have to give up?
I’d be lying if I said ‘no.’ I mean races, beer, beer after races, water skiing, sushi, fasting when I feel too lazy to eat…what’s not to love!!? Ha Its amazing how quickly your brain, will-power and body adjust. Plus, there’s always ice cream to fill that void in your life!!:)
You look pregnant!
Great. Thanks. I am. I have been for 5.5 months. Can we move on now!? Kthanksbye!!
How much weight have you gained?
How much weight have YOU gained!!!???? Seriously though…I’m right around 8 pounds and feel good about that. Baby alone is one of those! That said, I might stop weighing myself. As long as I keep staying active and telling myself I can’t have 3 desserts everyday, I just have to let my body do its thing…and be okay with that. On that note, I said no to a cupcake on Monday at work and feel really proud of myself. I mean, it was chocolate, with white frosting, in my face, with flippin’ sprinkles on it. And I said no. I’ve been daydreaming about it since!
Have you felt the baby kick?
Yes, and it’s super fun!! The hubs even felt it once! Until baby starts using my rib cage as a punching bag, I welcome this little flutter!!
How’s your fashion holding up!?
So far, so good! But remember how I said I got a lot of advice about how to ‘not to fight the belly’ and was all taking that to heart!?? Confession: I fibbed a bit!!! Although the belly band worked for me for a couple weeks, it quickly became too much. Just this Monday I wore jeans with the band and a tank top that smooched my chest together all day. I was sooooo uncomfortable. So that night I went through my dress stash and officially unpacked the maternity tote I have. Bring on the rouched tops and panel pants!!!! That said, I still have a decent amount of tops I know will last me a bit!:)
Are you finding out the sex?
That opportunity ship has sailed, and no we did not. Loving the idea of having that be a surprise!
Do you have names?
Yes! And no, we aren’t sharing!!! One full boy name and two girl options. On that subject, for anyone looking for my opinion-skip the baby books and baby name websites. Talk about overwhelming!!
How’s the nursery coming?
Great! I’ll save those details for its own post!
Where are you delivering?
Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids

Anything I missed? Shoot it my way. I’m an open book, but more importantly, I’m here and happy to help share my stories with other mommas-to-be, or even those just thinking about it and are curious on things!!


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