This Shirt’s Got Back

I love a fun shirt! I’ve moved more towards having solid staples in my closet over the years, as they last longer and of course can be spiced up with scarves, layered looks and jewels. But a fun shirt full of pizzazz all on its own is still fun! Just don’t let yourself fall too far in that trap of “but I remember wearing that here, or there.” Okay, maybe that’s just a note for me!? đŸ™‚

This shirt is what I deem a mullet shirt. See, it’s all business in the front…


Shirt: JCP, Jeggings: Old Navy, Shoes: Vanity

And party in the back…!



Throw in a little hair swing for fun!!


These little blue beauties were $20 from Vanity a few years back. They complete my rainbow of colors, that’s for sure!

Happy Monday all, make it a great week!


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