Well Hello There Third Trimester!

There are some mixed messages out there as to when exactly the third trimester begins, but I’m going with 28 weeks. Which is me…today! So, so-long ‘fun/breezy/carefree’ second trimester, and hellllllo homestretch, aka, apparently when you get miserable again. Yay!

In efforts to remind myself how I am feeling and when, I’m here today to capture my highlights from Weeks 22-27 (July 18-August 28).

The hubs and I spent some time up in the great Lake Okoboji area. First with some friends for the weekend and then a few days with my family. It’s never enough time, but I have to admit I was a bit ready to get back to a routine.

photo 1

I’m doing to my best to stay in shape. Or rather, not sit on the couch every night. I’m not sure I’d consider myself ‘in shape’! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So the hubs, some friends, and I headed out for a bike ride from Blackstone to Red’s Alehouse. It was about 13 miles. Nothing too long…but boy there were some HILLS! I just made sure once I got to the top to take it slow and lower my heart-rate.

photo 2

A good old fashion wedding, they never get old for me! This one was for a dear friend from high school. So it was a bit of a HS reunion, with a whole lot of fun on top. Congrats again Noah and Ashley!

photo 3

Let’s talk about this dress for a minute, shall we!?? I love it!! I tried so hard to make something from my closet work, to save a little money, but my loving husband watched me try on about 7 options with more and more sadness as each attempt made me more and more depressed. Tight on my a**, the seam didn’t hit belly bump right, etc. So he finally said, ‘Why don’t you go out and by yourself something nice.’ Gosh, I knew he was a keeper!! So here was my find…it was comfortable, cute, maternity and on sale for $20! Bonus!

Fins Up! This rockin’ crew made our way North to check out Jimmy Buffett at Alpine Valley, WI. An experience I highly recommend to everyone in their lifetime. If not for Jimmy, someone. Alpine is a super cool venue. As for the JB experience, think of your favorite college tailgate…and add flamingos, inappropriate ‘spin the wheel’ boards, and lots of margarita machines.

I got asked a few times throughout the day ‘why I was there’ or ‘does it suck to be sober’. I honestly don’t give it a second thought until people draw attention to it. So…I was there to have fun with my friends and enjoy one of my favorite musicians. And no, it doesn’t suck to be sober. I enjoy hanging out with my water and kickin’ baby belly. And by the way…you are a drunk idiot. There, are we fair now? Kthanksbye.
photo 4

Lastly, my wonderful husband and I celebrated three great years of wedded bliss. You can check my post all about that here.

General Notes/FAQs/Comments:
How are you feeling?
Still great! Lucky me…trust me, I still know this! Although, bending over is getting to be more and more challenging. Buckles on shoes, shaving, picking things up, etc. is all getting to be a little more…strategic!
Have you felt baby kick?
Yes! I felt baby kick in early July. But around week 25 I could actually see my belly move a bit. I call this my ‘don’t mind me as I stare at my belly while I listen to you’ phase! It’s so neat and makes it so very real. I also have moments where I feel like a character from Men In Black with an alien inside trying to bust out…not too far off when you really think about it!;)
Are you finding out the gender?
Nope. One of life’s surprises, and we’re taking advantage!
Do you have names picked out?
Yes, and we have for awhile. It was an easy process for us!
Are you sharing?ย 
Nope! Nice try! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nutrition: Can someone please pass me a cookie, cupcake, donut, brownie, ice cream?! Gross! I think I’ve had one of the following once a day, if not more. Can I get another GROSS?!!!! Ugh! I also can’t go a day without fruit. My favorites are grapes and blueberries these days. So I guess it balances a bit!?? I’m also getting better at not resorting to cereal as an acceptable dinner. Baby deserves better nutrients than that, so I try!!
Fashion: I’m well in to the world of maternity to clothes. I still have some pants I wear that I simple don’t button, dresses are the best, and some of my normal tops are stretching right along with me. I’ve had no signs of growing feet (knock on wood!!!!), and I still rock heels and wedges. Yay for that!
Health: I’m still doing my best to be active every day. Mainly walks and yoga at this point. I have dreams of getting back in the pool as the weather cools down, but we’ll see. I started a weekly prenatal yoga class and love it!! I find the class beneficial in both building strength but also learning techniques for laboring.
Body: Let’s make this quick, shall we? I officially don’t weigh myself any more. I ย feel great, so that’s what I focus on. Also, at this point baby alone weighs over 2 lbs, and growing, so I know that what I see on the scale is not just me and my excess indulgence in cookies! ๐Ÿ™‚ My belly button is about half-way popped out. I embrace this cute little bump-on-my-bump! I don’t have any visible stretch marks…yet. EK! I lather up with tummy butter at least twice a day, and again am doing my best do the weight-gain slow and steady. I’ve had some acne kick-in. Not surprising as I suffered from this growing up. And without Birth Control pills keeping those hormones in check, and all sort of other hormones kicking, again, this isn’t surprising. Thank goodness for a ‘summer glow’ and makeup!
Emotions: I experienced what I consider my first pregnancy hormonal breakdown. Lets just say I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with someone who was interested in conversing about breast feeding. My most touchy subject. Oye! Regardless of what triggered it, it was my first ‘I can’t control my tears and no I don’t want to talk about it’ moment. My husband handled it like a champ. Thanks babe!
Life: I stared up MBA classes again this week. I’m excited to get started again after the summer off, but some anxiety comes with knowing that soon I’ll be balancing this with a baby and a working husband also in school. How will I take care of baby those nights I have class and the hubs works? How will I handle the emotion of going back to work AND giving up a night away from my new bundle of joy!? Ek, it’s a lot to think about. I remind myself to take things one day at a time and the end result will be worth these more challenging times.
Baby Prep:ย The nursery made some great progress during these weeks and I’m happy that it’s not something the hubs and I put off. We also registered at Babies ‘R Us and Target. BRU…phew, totally overwhelming. Target, it’s like 3 aisles, so it was a breeze! I’ve signed dadio-to-be and I up for a Birthing Class. That should be interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve also dabbled in to the diaper purchasing world. I figured a little head start would do us good. And there was a killer coupon in the Costco ad this week that I couldn’t refuse! I have about 150 ‘newborn’ diapers and about 200 ‘size 1’. I know, I know…I’m no where near set. Baby steps people…literally!!

Phew, so there you have it. I have to admit, I am quite ready to be done being pregnant. But I know I’ve had it good, so complaining just really isn’t fair! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish me luck, 12 more weeks to go!


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