Things I Don’t Understand: Nail art

You know, I just don’t get nail art. Why people?! Maybe if you are a celebrity and you are walking the red carpet it would be fun. But to you ‘normal’ people out there, do you shower? Wash your hands? You know…function in life? And if so, how f’ing pissed are you the first time one of those babies chips? I barely put the effort in to paint my own nails a simple pink or grey from time to time because I get annoyed with chipping. Granted, I treat myself to a mani from time to time, but it’s usually shellac because that lasts me a good two weeks. But it has to be like a really special occasion because it’s a little pricey.

So I’m curious. Are you a nail artist? Can you explain a bit of the appeal to me? How long does it take? Honestly, how mad do you get when that first chip happens? So many questions!!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here are some of the MANY highlights out there to show what I’m ranting about….

nails 5 nails 4 nails 3 nails 2 nails 1Source here

Kudos to you ladies, you prove to me you enjoy sitting for endless hours painting, and drying, your nails. I’m sorry I don’t appreciate it more!


2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand: Nail art

  1. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I have never understood the appeal of nail art. I barely have enough time to do a basic polish, so I can’t imagine devoting all that time and patience to my nails!

  2. I agree with you on this one! I got shellac nails for my wedding & was told… no washing dishes & no taking baths. At that moment I thought, how do other Mother’s out there do this & keep their nails so nice. At the time my daughter was 2 so giving baths & washing dishes was constant. Now I have 3 kid’s & would never waist the money! Easy decision for me… give my kid’s a bath or have flashy nails, it’s a no brainer to me : )

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