Labor Day Fun!

Tis the season of being extremely busy…and loving every second of it! Even though a week and some time has passed, I wanted to highlight the awesome Labor Day Weekend I enjoyed. Pictures say it best, so here we go!

Iowa Hawkeye Home Opener. Phew, it was a hot one! Ninety degrees plus some wicked humidity = I only made it through half-time. But it was a great half, and it’s good to be back at Kinnick and hanging with these crazy Hawk fans!


Baby Shower Time! Our dear friends Scott and Jess were back from Colorado for the long weekend and Baby Girl Hanlin is due October 29th so some lovely ladies and myself hosted a pink-a-licious shower.


Super cute diaper cake compliments of my Mother-In-Law’s crafty ways!


Hot Mamma Jess and the hostesses!


Such a fun idea, if you know a girl is on the way…we ordered a ‘headband-making kit’ from Etsy. Such a fun and personal touch to help Mamma Jess make sure her baby girl is styling from Day 1.


There were a lot of lady humps going on with our hugs good-bye. We called this our ‘ass-out’ hug. 🙂

Super proud wife moment – my husband participated in the inaugural GranGable and rocked the 100-mile route. Complete with a photo-op at the finish line with the one and only Dan Gable himself!

We capped off the weekend with a pool-side celebration with the Grinde clan (my in-laws). We had much to celebrate: Grandma MaryAnn’s 85 birthday, an engagement (congrats Lindsay and Chris!), a new baby (Welcome George!), and a top Hy-Vee triathlete (Way to go Ian!). And really, just general awesomeness that is this family!!


Poolside chit-chat.


You know you’re in Iowa when….!


Lovin’ on baby George! 🙂


Our turn is next, here I am 7 months along!


The immediate in-laws. Such a stellar crew right here.

20130909-071933.jpgThe whole clan. 🙂

Welcome Fall. I’m glad you are here…now will you cool down a bit!?


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