Single Digits Folks!


I know it probably seems like I just went on a tangent of pregnancy updates, but it hit me today. I am 30 weeks along. Which means come tomorrow, I am officially in single-digits with my weeks.
So here are some short pregnancy updates from weeks 28-30 (August 28-September 11). I don’t want these awesome memories to slip my mind. Pregnancy brain is a real thing folks!

  • Baby keeps a moving-and-a-shaking and I love it!
  • I passed my glucose test, have “only” gained 15 pounds (gulp!), measuring at 29 weeks and my doctor appointments are now two weeks apart. Which makes the time go crazy fast!
  • I had a big sneeze the other day and peed a little. Gee, that’s fun!
  • Speaking of, I feel like I am peeing all.the.time. For some who spent my college years mastering the art of ‘not breaking the seal’, this is a big adjustment for me!!
  • I went up a cup size in the bra world, much toy husbands enjoyment!
  • No, we don’t know what we are having; yes, we have names; no we are not telling. Haven’t we covered this already!?? 😉 It’s still the number one question(s), so worth repeating!
  • I have signed up for some great baby classes in October. I look forward to them!
  • I’ve caught my profile in the mirror, I look so much bigger than I feel!! I suppose this is an ‘okay’ thing…but wowza, my stomach is so BIG!
  • Life has kept me busy so time is really flying. It’s full of jam-packed weekends, busy work days, starting up my MBA classes again, etc. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit out-loud that I’ve ventured over that hump of “so yea, I’m pregnant”, to being anxious. I can’t say I’m ‘ready’…still so much to do! But…I’m getting ready. I’m noticing the body changes, I’m feeling baby (which just makes me want to snuggle with him/her!), and well, it’s been 30 weeks!
  • We are still putting final touches on the nursery and can wait to share the journey through photos!


Pants: Express, Shirt: Gap Maternity, Shoes: Von Maur, Earrings: Cookie Lee


I love these little polka dot wedges. I’m still rockin’ all my styles, shapes and styles with ease. YAY!


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