The Progression of the Bump

Did you know that women are actually pregnant for TEN months, not nine!? It’s a true story. The nine months kicks in from the time you find out…but when you find out, you are already 4 weeks along. Cruel, isn’t it!?

I haven’t had an update since Week 30. It seems like yesterday, yet it seems like ages ago! Regardless, I am still feeling really well. I’ve had a couple moments of heartburn and I find sitting and breathing somewhat challenging from time to time (as in both together…it’s a lot of pressure on the lungs!). But otherwise, I have no complaints. I still sleep really well, I still get my walking and yoga in, and I am getting more and more ready every day in case this little nugget decides to make an early debut. (Nothing is indicating that I will go earlier…but never say never!)

So here we are at the official 36 week (or 9 month) mark. I thought it was time to look at the bump growth. Wowza!! I avoid profile views at all costs at this point, but nonetheless, for the sake of documentation. Here we go…

5 weeks

5 weeks. Ahhh, I remember when that little beer pooch that never went away from college was just ‘awful’! 😉

16 weeks

16 Weeks. This was the first time I sent a photo to my sisters and fellow prego friends. Pants still fit, yet I was starting to progress past that ‘beer gut’ phase!

18 weeks - Father's Day

18 weeks. Also, Father’s Day!! Obviously, I’m letting it all hang out here. But after posting this photo on social media I got a lot of ‘where did the bump come from!?’ comments!

20 weeks

20 weeks. The half-way point. Also, the 4th of July. So I made a fun little tank top to highlight my ‘firecracker’! 

22 weeks

22 Weeks. Dresses were awesome this summer!

24 weeks - 6 mths

24 Weeks. Or 6 months. Wow, this seems SO long ago!! This was also the RIP day of wearing button downs. I still miss them dearly.

27 weeks

27 weeks. Also, our 3rd anniversary. No fancy dinner or anything for us that evening. Just a nice little walk to Dairy Queen and some love-you-baby conversation!

30 weeks

30 weeks. Officially on the single-digit week countdown!

32 weeks

32 weeks. Heading out to yoga for my weekly relaxation!

32.5 weeks

32.5 weeks. I just wanted to include a shot of the dadio-to-be. Because he’s pretty important in this whole crazy journey too!

34 weeks

34 weeks. Scarves are good for camouflaging the bump a bit!

IMG_553436 Weeks. Spent working on finishing up my grad school class for the Fall session.

And just for fun, and a little self-torture, let’s see that from start to finish….

bump to bump

Don’t forget, I still have a month to go people!!


3 thoughts on “The Progression of the Bump

  1. This is so cool, Ashly!! Love seeing your progression – what a difference nine months can make! I hope your final weeks go smoothly, and you continue to feel great. 🙂 What a lucky baby to have you and Aaron for parents. Nick and I are so happy for you!

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