Books of Love

I know I’ve bragged about this before, and rightfully so, but I am so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. And with them, come their friends too!

As I near the end of pregnancy road, my mother-in-law’s dear friends wanted to host a shower for Baby L. They have watched Aaron grow up his whole life, and gotten to know me these last few years, so it is exciting for them to celebrate ‘the next generation.’ It was so lovely watching these women go around introducing themselves. Many go back 30 years (or more!) with my MIL. How incredible is that? It really gives me motivation to keep in touch with those near, and far, that I love dearly. It also gets my excited to think about all the new friends I may meet through activities with Baby L. 🙂

Here is our group shot!

???????????????????????????????I was showered with books, something I don’t have a lot of for baby, so I was super excited for some new inventory. They all fit nicely in my new baby bag (another awesome present!!)…Hawkeye colors even!

photo (6)

This fun little book even came with the characters for some snuggle time!


And if a night of lovely ladies, yummy food, and books wasn’t enough, they all came together to make sure Baby L gets some peaceful naps in this fantastic swing. I’ve heard great things about this product, so I can’t wait to give it a try. It’s all set up and ready to go in our living room. Thanks to the dadio-to-be!

baby swing

This is a ‘throwback’ photo, but since my mother-in-law is always behind the camera (ie-not in the group shot above!), I wanted to make sure to show her off. Here we are on Mother’s Day together (I was 13 weeks here!).


Thank you all for such a lovely evening. All we need now is a baby!!


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