Ultimate Selfie

I got a hair cut today. Is this earth shattering information?! Absolutely not. But I needed to document this occasion as a note to myself. Quit growing your hair out. It takes forever. That ‘awkward length’ phase sucks. And just when you get it to that really pretty length…you get sick of it, fast. It clogs up the drain, goes flat in an hour no matter what you do, and you end up with a lot of lame pony tails.
So here I am with my before and after.
About 9 this morning:

What my husband deemed my ‘seductive look’:

And here I am later this afternoon:

Here is a little side/back action.


I’m not one of those girls that likes how my hair gets styled at the salon, and I love my hair dresser! I feel like I have hair in my mouth all day and can’t wait to get home to wash and style it myself. Tomorrow morning will be fun!
Here’s an official comparison for fun. It makes my face look thinner, no?!

Okay… Maybe just wishful thinking there. But I do know I’ll save some curl time and shampoo supply!


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