The Nursery

I’m so excited to share how our nursery turned out. I wanted to wait until it was 100% complete so you could get the full effect. (Then, I had to find the time to actually document it. šŸ™‚ )

Since we didn’t find out the gender, we needed (wanted!) to go neutral. Hey, you never what future babies may be! šŸ˜‰ So we chose grey and yellow as our base. And I knew I wanted white furniture because I love the crisp look it provides. The other decor decision we made up front was to have our nieces and nephews create the artwork for us that we would use to add some fun color to the room. It turned out better than I could have imagined. Simple, clean, and full of fun little details that make this room unique. Much more my style then those ‘cookie cutter’ sets you can purchase at a store.

But really, pictures tell the story best. And to really appreciate how great things turned out, let’s start with some ‘before’ views.

This was the room about a month after we moved it, ie-our ‘catch-all’ room.

This was the one room we didn’t touch when we moved it, as far as paint and real “TLC” went. It was simply a nice little spare room for guests.

So first up, the paint. This was all Aaron. And he did an amazing job. It’s light grey, white and a darker grey. (Sorry for the terrible lighting!)

Next up, putting together an IKEA dresser.


All 2,000,000 pieces!!!


Next up, finally replacing this awful ceiling fan. Don’t worry, we are still stuck with another one in our other spare room. Honestly, what are people thinking some times!?


Who doesn’t need a little sunshine light in their life?!


And our last DIY was recovering this chair.


So here we go, the final product! Note the chair! šŸ™‚


Curtains and rug are from Target.


The crib was from a friend’s company’s ‘buy-sell’. The quilts you see are hand-made. And I made the crib skirt!


The “Lamb” photo is something we bought from the local Farmer’s Market. Lagneaux is French for Lamb, so we had to have a little something in there! šŸ™‚ All baskets are from TJ Maxx.


Isn’t our artwork so fun!? The kiddos did such a great job. Also, this IKEA dresser rocks!!


This giraffe was built by Aaron’s grandfather. It was in his room too!


Books, books, books. I love them and already read to our little man!

So there you have it folks. What do you think!? We love it!


2 thoughts on “The Nursery

  1. I like the remodel you and aaron did of your “catch all” room. I accidentally got to your blog because I’m looking for a new or used “awful what are people thinking” šŸ™‚ Hamton Bay Carousel Ceiling Fan, which was or is in your child’s room. Do you know anyone that has this OOP fan? I’m remodeling my old office into an arcade room, and I have a guy who is going to put arcade game templet overlays (Galaga, Tempest, 1941, etc.) on each fan blade. Cool right?

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