Stop Growing…but Keep Growing!

So, I was getting ready this morning and put Smith in the rocker that he’s been hanging out in since the first time we walked in our house with him. We were talking and I was curling my hair and I saw him stretching away. And noticed that his head was touching one end, and his feet the other. WHAT!?!?! Hold the phone! Stop the clock! This can’t be! But alas, our little man is 12 weeks old and he’s getting bigger. I hate it, but I love it. 20140214-183354.jpg

I hate it because, well, just look at how cute and snugly he was? He was so small and peaceful and new. I love it because when he wakes up he’s ready to play, and he smiles, and he giggles, and he talks to us. It’s so very true what they say, enjoy each phase because you’ll soon be to the next!

*Side note: We have loved this rocker. If you are an expecting parent out there, I highly recommend the investment. This is where Smith slept for the first 6 weeks. It folds up really easy for travel and is light-weight so you can move it all around the house with ease.


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