Hello Wisconsin!!

The hubs and I packed up Smith and hit the road North this weekend, visiting our friends in Wisconsin. They had a sweet baby girl, Maisy, about three weeks after us. My girlfriend and I have shared many, many, many Momma texts in the last six months so it was so much fun seeing our babes meet and play together and to share parenting stories in person.
Here are some photo highlights to share!


We kicked off Saturday morning with a walk to breakfast on the patio. So yummy! The babies slept their way through the event. Can you blame them? A personal bed in the shade!? Notice Smith’s propped leg. Hey, whatever if comfy dude.

20140608-212204-76924689.jpgNext up, we went to their local Farmer’s Market. It was literally the perfect day to enjoy wandering around to all the local vendors. You better believe some cheese sampling happened. Some more than others, *cough*, husband! 20140608-212207-76927233.jpgMyself with the Mieure beauties!!!20140608-212209-76929347.jpgOh, did I mention their market was on beautiful Lake Michigan!? It just added to the perfection we had on this beautiful Saturday!


We even made the time to stop and watch the duckies. Always make time to watch the duckies!!!!20140608-212211-76931080.jpgThe evening ended with a nice dinner at home watching these two little nuggets become friends. Nothing could melt my heart more.

Thank you again so much Tori and Jason for hosting us for the weekend. It was perfection.



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