Dear Blog



Hello, old friend! It’s been awhile SIX months since we’ve really caught up.  Truth is, life got in the way. What’s been going on, you ask? Well, let’s see:

  • I had a baby
  • I spent 32 evenings in a classroom working towards my MBA
  • I spent countless hours on homework (see above!)
  • I celebrated the holidays, and birthdays, and retirements
  • I got buried in work
  • I went to Colorado (I actually talked a little about that already, but it was such a highlight it’s worth mentioning again!)
  • I went to Mexico
  • I didn’t blog…

But alas, I am taking the summer off from school! Along with spending extra time with my little man, and getting back to working out, I plan on catching up with blog posts. (I have been taking notes and snapping pictures all along the way, I just haven’t put it all together.)

Some things you can expect to see:

  • Baby posts – I can’t help it. He’s too cute not to write about. AmIRight?!

photo (15)

  • Outfit posts. That’s right, I’m wearing normal clothing again and loving it!
  • Momma posts. I’m just here to share what’s worked for me in hopes it can help another new Mom out there!
  • Life, etc. Trips we’ve taken, celebrations we’ve had, and just the good ol’ normal everyday life I love.

So yes, things will seem outdated and ‘old news’, but this blog has really become my virtual scrapbook. So although it’s old, it’s not to be forgotten!

Stay tuned!!


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