To My Husband

Happy Father’s Day to my husband! I’ve loved you for seven years and in that time we’ve been through a lot. We’ve traveled, gone to concerts & shows, graduated college(s), gotten married, celebrated many birthdays, holidays, marriages and other fun occasions. And through all that fun, I knew what I was I was looking forward to the most was seeing you become a Dad. You just had that…thing, where I knew you would be amazing and some kiddo(s!) would be so loved and enjoyed by you as their Dad. And here we are 6.5 months in and we make quite the team!

So with that, thank you. Thank you for staying home with me those first two weeks. Thank you for waking up and doing diaper changes while I got ready to nurse. Thank you for still waking up with our man for those nights he just needs to cuddle. Thank you for washing endless pump parts and bottles. Thank you for spending your days off with our man. Thank you for learning the tricks to make Smith belly-laugh. It’s the best sound in the world. Thank you for loving being a Dad. But mostly, thank you for not needing a thank you because, as you say, “Why wouldn’t I do these things? I’m a Dad.” Yes you are my love, yes you are. And a FANTASTIC one at that.

20140615-081346-29626738.jpgIt was love at first hold!

20140615-080031-28831755.jpgSo sweet!

20140615-081348-29628222.jpgHanging at home those first couple weeks.

20140615-081350-29630621.jpgFirst time on the ice with Dad!

20140615-081349-29629386.jpgSmith-Daddy selfie!!

20140615-081349-29629004.jpgCapturing some of those first smiles was so fun.

20140615-080035-28835138.jpgWatching ducks with Dad!


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