30 Rules for 30 Years!

Do you have one of those friends that is super creative? And thoughtful? And simply fantastic? I’m so happy and honored to say that I do. She gave me an awesome present for my 30th birthday, so it was only fair to channel my inner creative instinct to give her something even half as cool. So what did I do? I cheated and looked online for some ideas. And since I found them so helpful, I thought I would post what I ended up creating. Perhaps I’ll help someone else! The theme: 30 Rules. (Because a whopping 7 months in, I have to agree, it kind of does! :))


#1 – Celebrate! Cheers to 30 years! (tequila shot)
#2 – Don’t celebrate too hard, you aren’t 21 anymore! (Advil)
#3 – Accept, Relish and Enjoy your awesomeness. Because you are…(30 compliments)
#4 – Moisturize. Your skin is your largest organ, take care of it! (lotion)
#5 – Travel. Big or small trips, keep your sense of adventure alive. (“Oh the Places you’ll go” pencils)
#6 – Try. You can’t win if you don’t play! (lotto ticket)
#7 – You can never have enough bags. (cosmetic tote)
#8 – Seriously. Ever. (large tote. “What the French Toast”)
#9 – Don’t take life too seriously. (referencing the tote saying!)
#10 – Accessorize. PS-babies pull hoops, studs are your friend! (stud earrings)
#11 – Wear sunscreen (see #4). (Sunscreen)
#12 – Pamper yourself. (nail polish)
#13 – Life is messy, be prepared. (wet wipes) 
#14 – It’s okay to have a good cry. (Hope Floats)
#15 – Always make time for stories. (baby bedtime book)
#16 – Get organized. (to-do notepad)
#17 – Cook more. And then share the goodies. (favorite recipe) 
#18 – #18 – Visit friends. (photo of our trip to WI)
#19 – Expand your vocabulary. (thesaurus)
#20 – You’re never too old for fun socks! (polka dot socks)
#21 – Bribery works. (stickers for impending potty training days!)
#22 – Silly things seem really cool these days. (sunglasses/car clip)
#23 – Multi-task. (Scarf – warmth, style, nursing cover, blanket)
#24 – Snacking is your friend. (popcorn)
#25 – Keep Dancing! (iTunes gift card)
#26 – Breakfast is a perfectly acceptable dinner! (Cinnamon Toast Crunch – bonus, created in 1984)
#27 – Carry more cash. You save more that way. ($1 bill)
#28 – Coffee rocks. (Starbucks gift card)
#29 – Spend EXTRA time with those you love, doing what you love. (EXTRA gum – bonus, created in 1984)
#30 – There is ALWAYS room for cake! (Funfetti cake mix)

  IMG_6533 IMG_6534


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