30 Weeks

So you aren’t suppose to compare yourselves to others, right? But is it fair to compare yourself to….yourself!?? I caught myself looking at old photos and saw this picture of when I was 30 weeks pregnant with Smith. I thought, “you know, I was pretty big at 30 weeks the FIRST time too!” It made me feel a little better.

30 weeks

Round 1 – 30 Weeks


Round 2 – 30 Weeks

But then, I took a picture of this time at 30 weeks. Ugh, I AM bigger. By what feels like an astronomical amount. I keep reminding myself it’s all worth it to welcome a healthy baby in 10 short/long weeks.

Hitting the ‘single digit weeks‘ doesn’t quite have the buzz that it did with Round 1. But it’s a big milestone to achieve regardless. I’m still in that place of ‘let’s do this already’ met with ‘oh boy, lots to do yet..let’s keep the distraction coming and the baby cooking.’ It depends on the day, and the shoes I’m fight to wear on which side of the coin wins! 🙂


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