Babymoon Staycation

Well here I am, around 37 weeks on this baby cooking adventure, and Aaron and I enjoyed a great babymoon staycation. My Mom and Dad graciously took Smith for a long weekend and we took full advantage. You always miss your kiddo(s) when they are gone, but boy do you realize how much you can DO too!!

So here is our weekend. It can be summed up with two things. FOOD and CLEANING! With a little side of fun!!

One of the biggest changes, and things we miss, since becoming parents is carefree dining. Ya hear me parents of toddlers? So, we channeled our inner foodies and stuffed ourselves.

Friday night we enjoyed a trip to Augusta. It’s a great Cajun restaurant in Iowa City, recently relocated from Oxford. Aaron enjoyed some red beans and rice and I tried their ‘best in Iowa’ pork tenderloin. YUM!

Then we worked off our dinners at Costco. Oh, the place that Friday night date nights are made of!

Here is our loot. I literally saved up money since the beginning of the year for this trip. The goal is to not have to ‘waste’ my maternity time running to the store for things like toothpaste, deodorant or TP! 🙂 Mission accomplished!

Then we packed on some more calories with a pregnant version of a night cap. Coldstone. OMG. I haven’t been to one of these for, honestly, a good couple years. Might not have to let that happen again!

Saturday was all about cleaning. Has my husband said – ‘the true definition of nesting’. I can’t deny that. But it was also the fact that I haven’t had a day of cleaning without a toddler at my feet since we moved in. Literally. So I actually had the time and chance to get down and get the dirty. Highlights include getting both the kids’ room nice and shiny clean.

And yes, we had a moment when we realized that we ‘got the KID’S room’ nice an clean. Plural. Multiple. Deep….Breaths…..Whoa!

Here is baby’s room:

Stuck with the grey and yellow theme.

And still love the artwork all of our nieces and nephews drew for us!

Time to get that car seat in the car!!

And here is Mr. Smith’s big boy room. He’s quite proud of it! Daddy painted his walls and bed and he loves it! So do I. He’s got the most decorated and coordinated room in the whole house. Go figure! 😉

PS-Water noodle under the sheet for toddler safety = great trick for us with crib to bed transition!

There are so many stores with nautical themed decor, so I simply picked my favorites out and about. Smith picked out the octopus!

As a reward of all our of hard work, we headed off to Des Moines for a fancy dinner and Garth Brooks. AMAZING!

We ate at Django, downtown Des Moines. Aaron enjoyed the oysters. Shucks, I can’t eat raw fish. (I wouldn’t have anyways. It’s a texture thing! :))


GARTH!!! We saw him in September 2014, when he hit the road again after going in to a temporary retirement! That time was outside Chicago. We gladly took part in welcoming back to Iowa after a 23-year break. We attended one of his 10:30pm shows. The amount of energy on stage from 11:30pm-2:30am was incredible. He sure kept this preggo rockin’ and rollin’!!

Hanging with my sister and BIL! We were literally in the LAST ROW at the top. But it didn’t even matter. It’s like we were in the front row!

And Sunday was capped off with a Baby Sprinkle. AKA-baby shower without ‘gifts’, but instead everyone gets you diapers. It is/was wonderful! You always need diapers. Always!

A big shout out to my BFF who hosted the event and to all the special gals who took time out of their days and way from their families to help celebrate our growing clan.

Since the shower was on May 1st, I made some fun little May Baskets. Gender neutral, of course. 🙂


I did a terrible job capturing the lovely ladies in attendance, but luckily my sister snapped a photo. I think her cardigan color choice was strategic, I hope she’s right!!

The most amazing site an expecting Momma can see — diapers that I know will last us, literally months. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


I think about the only thing left to do is have this baby!!