Welcome to the World Brooks!

And just like that our newest little man is already one month old. My how the time flies! So here I am documenting the highlights!!

The Day Brooks Was Born.
It was Saturday, May 21st. Just a normal weekend at home that started with a trip to the Farmer’s Market and park, followed by some yard work. Which I’ll fondly thank as the ‘trick’ that helped kick off those contractions! šŸ™‚ I started timing my contractions around 5-5:30pm and told Aaron it was time to start wrapping up projects and pack a bag (mine had been packed for two weeks, naturally!). We checked in to the hospital around 7pm. I was dilated at 6cm and it was time to start pushing fluids and prepping for the epidural. All went well and the epidural (this time!) was amazing. I felt what I needed to (pressure) and the pain was tolerable. Win! Insert about 25 minutes of pushing and HE arrived at 9:41pm at a solid 8lbs 5oz and 20.5in long! We had a slight scare when the doctor realized the cord was wrapped around his head twice, so we had to use a vac on my last round of pushes, but I worked hard and the vac did it’s job and he came out a little blue, but beautiful! Just like that, you ask? Yes, just like that. I’ll remain forever grateful that round two was so smooth. I truly know how lucky that makes me! Welcome to the world Brooks Aaron Lagneaux.

The First Month.
Phew, what a whirlwind! Our first month as been busy with weddings, graduations, family gatherings and lots of love! Here are some photo highlights to remember how we started off as a family of 4!


You are here! Our first selfie with you, of course. Skin to skin is the most amazing thing. See how he’s a little blue? But perfect, just perfect!


And then there were four. I can’t deny that it took me a few moments to settle in to the fact that I now have two boys. And we are done with two, so alas, I’m simply not going to be a Mom of a girl. A bummer in some ways, of course. But oh how fun life with two boys will be! I can’t wait to watch them grow, fight, love and be best friends.

Celebrate Good Times.

A family BBQ at our house where you got to meet all the Brown family cousins. Whoohooo, you make NINE!

Processed with MOLDIV

Another family BBQ. This time celebrating cousin Ian’s high school graduation. He is going to be a Cyclone in the fall, but we love him anyways! šŸ™‚


Next up was cousin Alex’s wedding in Des Moines. Quite a celebration for your two-week birthday. She was the most stunning bride and you were a great date for Daddy and I to bring along!


Father’s Day is here and it’s safe to say that you helped make for one happy Daddy. To say he’s thrilled to have his boyS is an understatement. He also loves this maple tree. I look forward to documenting this same photo for years to come!

One Month.

One month young! He eats about every three-ish hours. Get decent stretches at night of sleep (yay!). Loves to be swaddled and held. Loves walks and car trips. And is already showing a bit of personality. Low-key and happy. Can’t complain there!


You are a smiley baby, but I have to work for it a little bit. Well worth the effort! šŸ™‚


So far, your brother hasn’t totally kicked you in the face or dropped you…so we call that a success! He reads to you, shares his lovie (this is huge, trust me!!!!), and asks to hold you often. You are fun now, but I’m sure once you start stealing his toys that’ll change. But in this moment, we relish in the love and admiration he has of you and your tininess.

And so do we.


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