Month 5 – 1SE

Here we go, month five of capture a second every day from this little thing I like to call life. Moments are from September 22-October 21, 2016. Hold on!


  1. Cutest thing, Smith crawling up to give his brother a morning snuggle!
  2. Maddie’s 16th birthday. SIXTEEN!!!!
  3. Aaron’s birthday / neighbor tailgate party.
  4. Tummy snuggles become the theme for Mr. Brooks.
  5. Moving on from the swaddle to the sleep sack.
  6. All.The.Snuggles.
  7. Telling stories and really finding his voice.
  8. Nike cuteness.
  9. When did he get so big!? Helping Momma while Daddy is away!
  10. Leamer Court tailgating, Thunderstruck.
  11. Calling Daddy in NOLA.
  12. Train table still going strong. It’s going to be hard to top Christmas this year!
  13. Colorado baby butt.
  14. More Snuggles. They will be gone too soon!
  15. Senior Poopypants. Two guesses as to which parent taught our young, impressionable toddler this phrase. #notmomma
  16. Picture day at school.
  17. Back home to G&G’s house in Iowa Falls. Lots of fun with dirt and tractors!!
  18. Tractor rides with Farmer Landon.
  19. “Chase is on the case!”
  20. Old toys become new again as we start spending more time inside. 😦
  21. Weekend walks with sleepy babies, podcasts, and fall leaves.
  22. Date Night Done Right – Book of Mormon!
  23. Playtime with Smith Chase.
  24. Family outing to the Rec Center for waffle breakfast, indoor playground and the library.
  25. Painting pumpkins.
  26. First bite of food!! Not a huge fan of carrots, but we’ll keep trying!
  27. Puzzles, this kid loves puzzles.
  28. Brooks is really starting to sit up.
  29. Chase, now with side-kick Marshall.
  30. All the tummy naps.

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