Smith Turns Three

A month or so before Smith was set to turn three, I asked the very brave question of, “What kind of birthday party would you like, Smith?” He answered with a resounding — “Paw Patrol AAAAAAAAAAND Paw Patrol!” Your wish, is my birthday command little buddy. So, here we go. Days and Days of Paw Patrol love.

First, we treated Smith to Paw Patrol Live! What perfect timing, as the show took stage on his birthday eve. He was memorized from start to finish!

On the morning of Smith’s birthday, I treated him to a donut and let him pick out the treats for school. We had so much fun, I hope to be able to do this for many years! He was so cute, he asked if he could get frosting all over his face…of course buddy!

Grandma and Grandpa Brown came to town a couple days early, so he was a lucky boy and got a little extra present preview. Cars, spiders and a Paw Patrol hat. They know him well!

Party time! Smith was breaking down his Paw Patrol decorations — quite literally. Apparently I didn’t set it up correctly. Three years old and already setting me straight, oh boy!

Present fun with cousins!

Grandpa Don’s hand-crafted ramp, complete with two water spouts!

I love this photo — the pure JOY of Smith seeing his Paw Patrol cake for the first time. Momma, FTW!!!

I found a local Mom in town that makes these amazing cakes. How fun is this! (Figurines compliments of Grandma Carol!)

Happy 3rd birthday Smith. You are unique, lovable, funny, silly, smart, sassy and all boy. We are so lucky to get to be your parents!

Yummy cake!

Cousins Noah and Kalya helping Smith test his ramp skills!

Well, we survived the terrible twos — bring on the Threenager!!!



Month 6 – 1se

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been six months since I started this project. It’s been so fun and really has become apart of my daily life. So, here we go


*Bonus – Brooks’ 5-month shot!

  1. Smooshy Momma kisses are the best.
  2. Flying baby, Brooks loves this game!
  3. Still rocking the Chase costume every night.
  4. Already playing with his car seat toys!
  5. Vacation in the Keys!!
  6. Oh wait, there is a sliiiight sprinkle practically a hurricane. Boooo!
  7. A break in the clouds, so a bike ride to breakfast it was!
  8. A little wind didn’t slow down the beauty that was this wedding. Congrats Grant and Liv!
  9. Neighborhood Halloween party.
  10. Trick or Treat with Chase and Marshall – Paw Patrol pups!
  11. Still working on baby food, still not really a fan.
  12. Lovely fall trees on my ‘walk commute’ to my car.
  13. Smith instructing us on yoga. Funny, I didn’t know yoga sent you to the chiro — I thought it was what keeps you out of it! Ouch dude!
  14. Movie snuggles.
  15. Paw Patrol Meet and Greet! Smith got stage shy meeting them and Brooks couldn’t look away. Go figure!
  16. Sitting up (with support) and playing became a fun new thing for this growing boy.
  17. Brooks loves the toss up and down game!
  18. The 2016 election. Though many are ‘glad it’s over’, I personally think it’s more ‘just starting’.
  19. Daddy retired his oven gloves, which are now a new toy favorite.
  20. Volunteering at the new children’s hospital Dance Marathon donor event.
  21. Need a chuckle!? Smith shaking his booty on a Friday night bath party.
  22. Tailgate date, Go Hawks!
  23. No Smith, we can’t take the fake, plastic dog home with us.
  24. Yoga, with fun yoga pants.
  25. Getting some of the winter wiggles out. Is it Spring yet?
  26. Story time in the tepee.
  27. Smith wants to be just like his Dad. Always.
  28. Weekend beers with Grandma!
  29. Our smiley, happy, lovable 6-month old.
  30. Smith playing morning hide-and-sneak.
  31. Six months! A half year! Holy buckets!!