Summer Highlight #2 – Michigan Roadtrip

My hubby and I headed up to the great state of Michigan back in June for my cousin’s wedding. She’s my Godmother and I had the honor to read a prayer during their ceremony. We got to enjoy the great area where they live, outside of the Detroit area. Thanks for including us in your special weekend Lorri!

Aaron and I with Mark and Lorri, aka, Bride and Groom. We enjoyed pizza with a view at Mark’s boat house (he’s a rowing coach!).

Wedding day, outside the church with my own handsome groom!

My summer LBD. A surprise to see some sparkle, I’m sure! 😉

I’ll go ahead and call these my sexy shoes!!!

Back at Mark and Lorri’s house for an evening of food, drinks, boat rides and fun! Their house was gorgeous with so much character.

With the Bride!

Capped off the night with a boat ride!

My hubs and I finished off our trip visiting my girlfriend, hubby, and her precious baby girl for the day, also in the Detroit area. Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t grab a single photo with them. Another epic fail. I know she got some though, so I’ll have to steal a couple and update this post. Stay tuned! Meggs…help!!

PS-this was also the trip that finally motivated us to take the iPad plunge. As expected, we freakin’ love it. Watching movies is the way to travel people!