Month 3 – 1SE

Wrapping up the first quarter using 1SE. Still loving it and the memories it triggers looking back. Enjoy!

Month 3 in Lagneaux Land, July 22-August 21, 2016.

cover snip

  1. [Bonus picture] Brooks’ 2-month milestone picture.
  2. Aaron cleaning bottles with his drill. Oye!
  3. Smith painting.
  4. Movie Date with best friends Aubray, Cruz and Jaxson – Secret Life of Pets.
  5. Walking to work.
  6. Fresh new start to a book.
  7. Maiden boat ride of the summer with friends.
  8. Craft night with the neighbor gals.
  9. Friday donuts at the office are my jam!
  10. Bonfire at the neighbors.
  11. Haircut by Daddy.
  12. Smith walking in to our room to snuggle, with all his animals and Lovie in tow. (Gone are the days of him staying in bed!)
  13. Flying to Colorado!
  14. Paddle boarding on Lake Dillon.
  15. Gondola ride with Smith, Jess and Lexi.
  16. Cousin Noel’s wedding.
  17. The Olympics have kicked off, Rio 2016!
  18. Brother play time.
  19. Pumping. All the pumping.
  20. Resume work.
  21. Smith attempting to feed Brooks. Hehehe!
  22. Ice cream, because it’s summer.
  23. Brooks is such a happy little dude.
  24. Longview Estates block party.
  25. Rolling from tummy to back for the first time!
  26. Strep throat (round two) and more Olympics. Love the track and field!
  27. Sushi date for our anniversary.
  28. Wipers on the bus go, swish-swish-swish!
  29. Bath time.
  30. Walking around the pond looking at jumping frogs.
  31. North Liberty’s inaugural Porch Festival.
  32. Stories with Papa Jim at George’s 3rd birthday party.

Month 2 – 1SE

Here is month two in Lagneaux Land. Moments captured from June 22-July 21, 2016. Enjoy!

cover snip

  1. Stories and naps.
  2. Playing at the mall.
  3. Driveway beers – we love our neighbors!
  4. Smith reading stories to Brooks.
  5. Folding laundry – while wrapping!
  6. First bottle with Dad.
  7. Bike rides.
  8. Walks.
  9. Pedicures.
  10. Our first road trip to Spirit Lake! (It only took an extra hour and a half! ;))
  11. Shucking corn, yum!
  12. Fun at Arnold’s Park. The fishes and boats were Smith’s favorite.
  13. 4th of July parade in Iowa Falls.
  14. First smiles. And they are oh-so-sweet!
  15. Scott and Jess visit!
  16. Friend gathering.
  17. Breaking Bad binge (and by binge, I mean we watch line one episode a week!)
  18. Blues and BBQ.
  19. Smith made Grandma Barb a birthday cake.
  20. Morning snoozes.
  21. Work trip to Chicago (H&M!).
  22. Happy Birthday Grandma, thanks for staying with us!
  23. Geyer’s Pizza in Oxford.
  24. Smith helping Daddy make hamburgers.
  25. Aaron’s tomato garden.
  26. Alexa (Amazon Echo) signing Itsy Bitsy for Smith.
  27. Yoga, Ahhhhhhh!
  28. So fresh and so clean after bath.
  29. Smith making us coffee cake.
  30. Sprinklers. Hottest.Summer.Ever!

Welcome to the World Brooks!

And just like that our newest little man is already one month old. My how the time flies! So here I am documenting the highlights!!

The Day Brooks Was Born.
It was Saturday, May 21st. Just a normal weekend at home that started with a trip to the Farmer’s Market and park, followed by some yard work. Which I’ll fondly thank as the ‘trick’ that helped kick off those contractions! 🙂 I started timing my contractions around 5-5:30pm and told Aaron it was time to start wrapping up projects and pack a bag (mine had been packed for two weeks, naturally!). We checked in to the hospital around 7pm. I was dilated at 6cm and it was time to start pushing fluids and prepping for the epidural. All went well and the epidural (this time!) was amazing. I felt what I needed to (pressure) and the pain was tolerable. Win! Insert about 25 minutes of pushing and HE arrived at 9:41pm at a solid 8lbs 5oz and 20.5in long! We had a slight scare when the doctor realized the cord was wrapped around his head twice, so we had to use a vac on my last round of pushes, but I worked hard and the vac did it’s job and he came out a little blue, but beautiful! Just like that, you ask? Yes, just like that. I’ll remain forever grateful that round two was so smooth. I truly know how lucky that makes me! Welcome to the world Brooks Aaron Lagneaux.

The First Month.
Phew, what a whirlwind! Our first month as been busy with weddings, graduations, family gatherings and lots of love! Here are some photo highlights to remember how we started off as a family of 4!


You are here! Our first selfie with you, of course. Skin to skin is the most amazing thing. See how he’s a little blue? But perfect, just perfect!


And then there were four. I can’t deny that it took me a few moments to settle in to the fact that I now have two boys. And we are done with two, so alas, I’m simply not going to be a Mom of a girl. A bummer in some ways, of course. But oh how fun life with two boys will be! I can’t wait to watch them grow, fight, love and be best friends.

Celebrate Good Times.

A family BBQ at our house where you got to meet all the Brown family cousins. Whoohooo, you make NINE!

Processed with MOLDIV

Another family BBQ. This time celebrating cousin Ian’s high school graduation. He is going to be a Cyclone in the fall, but we love him anyways! 🙂


Next up was cousin Alex’s wedding in Des Moines. Quite a celebration for your two-week birthday. She was the most stunning bride and you were a great date for Daddy and I to bring along!


Father’s Day is here and it’s safe to say that you helped make for one happy Daddy. To say he’s thrilled to have his boyS is an understatement. He also loves this maple tree. I look forward to documenting this same photo for years to come!

One Month.

One month young! He eats about every three-ish hours. Get decent stretches at night of sleep (yay!). Loves to be swaddled and held. Loves walks and car trips. And is already showing a bit of personality. Low-key and happy. Can’t complain there!


You are a smiley baby, but I have to work for it a little bit. Well worth the effort! 🙂


So far, your brother hasn’t totally kicked you in the face or dropped you…so we call that a success! He reads to you, shares his lovie (this is huge, trust me!!!!), and asks to hold you often. You are fun now, but I’m sure once you start stealing his toys that’ll change. But in this moment, we relish in the love and admiration he has of you and your tininess.

And so do we.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Smith!

I can’t believe I have a two year old. As the big day was approaching, I caught myself thinking, ‘oh yea, Smith will be 1.’ I can’t even really explain why. I think it’s because the first year is just so change-change-change; breastfeeding, baby food, first steps, etc. And moving in to the second you, you feel like you get the hang of life with another human a little bit!

Anywho. Smith is two. He is funny. He is cute. And he is smart. We celebrated our main man with friends and family on a nice Saturday afternoon with a Sesame Street party. It was a crazy fun couple hours and Smith had a ball!

Enjoy the slideshow below!

Here are some of Smith’s favorite things these days (per his birthday board above!):

Favorite characters:
Itsy Bitsy Spider (all.the.time.)
Thomas the Train
Sesame Street
Favorite things to do:
Play outside
Read Books
Build blocks
Play trains and trucks
Favorite Foods:
Red peppers
Cinnamon Rolls (it’s possible I’m a bad influence here!!)
Smith, thank you for being such a joy in our lives. I love watching you grow up and can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Shoe Debut

Happy Easter!
Well, today was a big day folks. Smith wore his first pair of shoes! What were they you ask? A cute little (fake) leather sandal to go with his stellar bow-tie outfit for Easter service and brunch.


We had a great Easter weekend with my husband’s family. But seriously, large human Easter bunnies creep me out. Even Smith is given him the stink-eye!


Smith’s outfit: Target, Shoes: Crazy 8 (second-hand for us!). My look. Shirt: JCPenny, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Shoe Carnival.


My two handsome boys. Such beautiful smiles. Another blessed holiday for me!

Cheers to a great week ahead everyone!

Happy Retirement Dad!

My Dad walked in to his last day of work earlier this Fall. Can you imagine that feeling!? He spent 38.5 years as a lineman for Alliant Energy. It was hard work and the last couple years really took a toll on his body. Climbing poles everyday with 50+ pounds of equipment will do that to a person. But now he’s done!! My sisters and I surprised him to walk out of the shop, one last time. I’m not sure who it was most emotional for!! 😉.


His first task of retirement!? It was to enjoy his annual fishing trip to Canada, knowing he didn’t have to come back to work! 🙂 I think it’s safe to say he’s ready…now just to decide which ones to pack (hey, I can relate when it comes to packing shoes for a vacation! ;)).20130909-072909.jpg

His second task? Prepare for one heck of a party!


Family Shot before the party!

dad and craigThe two Guests of Honor. My Dad, and his co-worker of 35+ years, Craig!

crowd shot 2

A panoramic view of the food and beverage spread, and the crowd.

crowd shot

Over 150 guests came to celebrate my Dad and Craig. I think that’s all we need to know about how awesome these two guys are!

Congratulations Dad. I can’t think of anyone who deserves the luxury of retirement more than you do. Thank you for showing me that hard work, dedication, and smart investing can lead to a great life full of everything you need…and some of the things you want too! May you always find enough fish in the waters and keep you busy. 🙂

Dresses are the Best!

I have to admit, this is a pretty stellar season to be growing a baby bump. Dresses are awesome. I honestly ask myself why I don’t wear them more!? I’m a little bit at that in-between stage though. I can still wear non-maternity options from my current closet, but they are starting to get a little short (especially in the front, duh!). But maternity dresses just seem really big and wiiiiiide. This will be nice as I grow out more, but it looks a little off in the meantime.

Here are some fun ones I’ve been wearing lately!


Dress: Old Navy, Blazer: JCP, Shoes: Von Maur


Here I am dressing up this otherwise casual dress for work, by adding a blazer.


But without, it’s the perfect little summer dress for a night out with friends!


AND, it’s baby bump friendly! 🙂

Here is another fun little dress. This lovely group of ladies and I are enjoying an awesome night at a local winery. We try to get together once a month to take a break from….life!

1081937_10101607299964929_661178357_nDress: Target

photo (2)

Dress: Target (actual maternity dress), Cardigan: Express, Shoes: Aldo

Here is my lovely Sister-in-Law. We are BOTH rockin’ the preggo bellies and comfy and cute maxi dresses.

I certainly plan to take these dresses, and this comfort, in to the fall as baby continues to grow. That’s what leggings are for! Pregnant or not…it’s a great way to stretch your summer wardrobe into the fall months!