50 Fashion Tips

I came across this great article on InStyle’s website called, “50 Best Fashion Tips of All Time.” Give yourself some time to click through and enjoy the pictures and knowledge shared! Some of the highlights for me:

#10 Embrace your shape. I may fall victim to this from time to time as I’m always working on learning what works best for me!
#15 Edit your closet. I might argue that I simple need a bigger closet!!! I do make a point to clean out my space at the turn of every season. But I know I could do better. I encourage you to do the same!
#18 Open your mind. This is a really good one! Can we say high-rise pants!?? 🙂
#24 Never buy a boring coat. I love this one. Especially when you have four seasons!
#30 Don’t buy a ‘bargain’ if you don’t love it. I used to be terrible at this. “But it’s on sale”, I would always say. Then guess what, I would never wear it because I didn’t really love it. Or even like it.

Which were some of your favorites tips?





Lazy Sunday Full of Glam

I’m a believer in ‘sweatpants stay at home.’ Even in college, with 8am classes, on the other side of the river…the morning after a friends 21st birthday celebration. I guess for me, I just feel as lazy as I look and I never really ‘wake up.’ That said, every once and awhile, you just need a ‘sweatpant day.’ That was today for my hubby and I! We managed to make some nice meals (okay, he made the meals, I ate them!), got some projects done around the house and treated ourselves to an outing for fountain soda (it’s the little things some times, right!?).


And although I was a lazy bum, I enjoyed living vicariously through the beautiful celebrities who were anything but at the Golden Globes tonight. Ahhh, award season! I enjoyed the show and following the red carpet coverage before and during via Twitter. Check out InStyle’s great coverage of all the fine ladies. Who was your favorite?
My Top 5 Favorites:
Charlize Theron – loved the look head to toe
Claire Danes – loved the black and white pop
Reese Witherspoon – just love her in general, but loved the cut of the dress
Laura Dern – loved the sparkle in the emerald tone
Paula Patton – loved the pop of color (a rarity on the red carpet, nude tones were in!)
*Bonus: Hottest Date – Stacy Kiebler (Clooney’s gal, do you expect anything less? I loved the back!)